Saturday, February 16, 2008


Be realized As Kimi Raikkonen walked around the garage at the Ferrari facility at Fiorano, the Finnish driver flashed some smiles; the only real evidence of this stoic driver being the world champion. In a ceremony fit for their subdued world champion, Ferrari quietly (at least in the Formula One world) unveiled its challenger for the 2008 season. The F2008 is the team's hope to solidify the return of the Ferrari dynasty.

it is much like their world champion driver, Ferrari's car unveilings have been all business-like, with really no flash at all. In fact, the unveiling of the F2008 seemed more like a mid-season design update than an unveiling of a brand new design. The F2008 was revealed to the world at Ferrari's facility just like the F2007 was last year. The extent of the light show was a mere turning on of the overhead lights within the facility.

Formula One isone of an ever-changing world, even for the driver's and constructors champions. Every team, every year tweaks designs, abandons them all-together or applies designs of other teams (not necessarily a jab at McLaren-Mercedes after last season's problems) in an effort to continue to maintain that performance edge. And yet surprisingly, the F2008 boasts of some features that truly depart from the designs seen throughout most of this decade. Within the team there is a shift in personnel and apparently a shift in design concept.

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