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2008 Dodge Viper SRT10

The new 2008 Dodge Viper SRT10 boasts more of what performance aficionados crave: kick-in-the-pants, throw-back-in-the-seat power, combined with benchmark braking, world-class ride and handling, a race-inspired interior and bold exterior styling. While every SRT vehicle offers balanced, overall performance, the heart and soul of the new 2008 Dodge Viper SRT10 is its standout powertrain. For 2008, SRT ups the ante with a new, 8.4-liter aluminum V-10 engine that produces an astounding 600 horsepower and 560 lb-ft of torque.

2008 Dodge Viper SRT10
2008 Dodge Viper SRT10

Dodge Viper SRT10 Wallpaper
Dodge Viper SRT10 Wallpaper

2008 Dodge Viper SRT10 Wallpaper 2
2008 Dodge Viper SRT10 Wallpaper 2

2008 Dodge Viper SRT10 in blue
2008 Dodge Viper SRT10 in blue

March 2008 Dream Car of the Month - Nissan Skyline GT-R

The Skyline started life as a car originally produced in 1957 by the Prince Motor Company of Japan. Prince merged with Nissan in 1966 and the Skyline became a Nissan property. The Skyline was mostly a basic mid sized car in the early years. In 1964 Prince developed a racing version, GT Skyline, which used a straight 6cyl engine and competed in the Japanese Grand Prix where it finished 2nd through 6th behind a winning Porsche 904. It wasn't until 1968 when the first GT-R was created that a performance version was put on the street.

Original Prince Skyline

The original GT-R lasted from 1968 until 1972. The GT-R was replaced in 1977 with the GT-ES which was the first turbo powered production Japanese vehicle. In 1983 the Paul Newman Version Skyline was produced to commemorate Newman's racing relationship with Nissan. This R30 generation also saw the introduction of the DR30 Skylines which were more powerful and distinct from the rest of the Skyline family, a prelude to the re-introduction of the GT-R name. The R31 generation debuted the RB engine series and saw development of the GTS-R version, powered by a RB20DETT-R. This was a coupe only and 800 examples were built for racing homologation.

Skyline GTS-R Coupe

In 1989 the R32 generation Skyline was introduced and it marked the return of the GT-R. It featured the RB26DETT which was rated at 280HP due to the Japanese manufacturer's agreement not to exceed 280HP. The cars also featured all wheel drive and all wheel steering. The production engines were intentionally restricted by small diameter exhaust, conservative ECU programming and low boot settings. Apparently there was a physical restriction built into the boost control system that was marked in yellow so that the owner could remove it and receive a free boost increase. This alone resulted in a bump in power to about 320HP and resulted in 0-60 times of 4.7 seconds and a 1/4 mile in 12.8. Nissan claimed that the Porsche 959 was their model for development of the R32 GT-R. The GT-R was built for racing from the beginning and won 29 races in 29 starts in the JTCC (Japan Touring Car Championship). A R32 GT-R hit the Nurburgring and set it's sights on the production car record of 8 minutes 45 seconds set by a Porsche 944. That GT-R ran a lap in 8 minutes 20 seconds and later the Japanese magazine Best Motoring backed that up with an 8'22" lap. The Australian auto press coined the nickname Godzilla after it appeared there on the streets and racetracks.

R32 Skyline GT-R

The R33 Skyline generation was released in 1993 as a coupe and 4 door. The GT-R was equipped with an improved version of the same RB26DETT used in the R32. The improvements to the engine upped the torque the engine produced. GT-Rs now all came standard with Brembo brakes. In 1996 a limited edition NISMO 400R was produced with 400HP. An R33 GT-R was the first production car to lap the Nurburgring in under 8 minutes, if you don't count the limited production Jaguar XJ220.

R33 Skyline GT-R

Nissan introduced the R34 Skyline in 1998 and the GT-R in 1999 which still used the RB26DETT engine. A new, stronger, 6spd Getrag gearbox was also used. The GT-R came in many "flavors" for the R34 generation. There were the GT-R, the GT-R V-Spec, GT-R V-SpecII, GT-R N1, GT-R M-Spec, GT-R V-Spec Nur, GT-R M-Spec Nur, GT-R NISMO R-Tune, and GT-R NISMO Z-Tune. The NISMO Z-Tune was the untimate street going R34 with a bored and stroked 2.8L 6cyl producing 500HP. Only 20 of these were built.

R34 Skyline GT-R Nur

R34 Skyline GT-R Z-Tune

In 2001 a new Skyline generation, now dubbed the V35 was introduced. This car was based on Nissan's FM platform which it shared with the 350Z. This became the first Skyline platform sold in the US although it was only available through Infiniti as the G35. This skyline generation was notable for what it lacked. The straight 6cyl of previous generations was missing, replaced by the VQ V6. Also missing were a turbocharged variant and, most importantly a GT-R model.

The V36 Skyline debuted in 2006 as the Skyline and Infiniti G35. Again the car featured a 3.5L VQ V6. The engine produced 306HP in the sedan. A coupe variant debuted in 2007 with a 3.7L VQ V6 producing 330HP in the US Infiniti G37. Again there was no turbo engine available and no GT-R.

After a few years of hinting of the GT-Rs return, Nissan finally unveiled a production version R35 GT-R. This GT-R will be the first one available in the US. It features a 478HP, 3.8L twin turbo V6 dubbed the VR38DETT. The car will simply be known as the GT-R, loosing the Skyline nameplate and be sold as a Nissan in the US. There had been rumors that, based on the price, it would be sold as an Infiniti outside of Japan. Priced at $70,000 US it will be, by far, the most expensive Nissan for sale. So far, the car is proving that it is worth every penny, upstaging cars costing more than twice it's price.

R35 Nissan GT-R

If you are like me, the first time you even heard of the Nissan Skyline and GT-R were through the video game Gran Turismo. In 1997 Sony released the game in the US for the Sony Playstation and singlehandedly started the JDM tuning craze in the US. The game introduced people outside of Japan to the many performance models only available in Japan and a few other select places. The Skyline GT-R and other cars like it(Subaru WRX, Mitsubishi EVO, Civic Type-R, NSX Type-R) became mythical type of beasts. No one in the US had seen or heard of them and their "forbidden fruit" status along with their huge performance and racing reputation made them even more desirable. Black markets popped up to import them into countries they were never sold in. All this finally culminated in Nissan bringing the car to the whole world for the latest version.

I've always thought of the GT-R as a Japanese interpretation of a muscle car. Take a midsize sedan or coupe, throw a big engine in it(relatively speaking) and go racing. The Japanese twist is the technology thrown into it. All wheel steering, all wheel drive, and turbo motors all take the car to limits that no sport coupe should be capable of. The latest version is already proving that the GT-R reputation still holds strong and it hasn't even hit dealerships in the US yet. Godzilla lives.

Nissan GTR Underrated?

Many people seem to be confused by the new Nissan GTR. Lots of them may be Porsche 911 Turbo owners. The main problem is how can the GTR be faster than the Porsche when it has a substantially poorer power to weight ratio. Some people claim that Nissan is pulling a fast one by having some not so stock, "tuned" models around for testing. Road and Track took a GTR around a track about 5 seconds faster than a Porsche 911 Turbo and a Corvette Z06. That's a huge difference. Then Car and Driver went out and tested a GTR ripping 0-60 in 3.3 seconds and the 1/4 mile in 11.5. Those are crazy numbers especially for anything costing less than $250,000. A lot less as the GTR's MSRP is around $70,000.

All of this would certainly point to some sleight of hand by Nissan. Maybe they are providing "special" GTRs for testing. Maybe not. Motor Trend has also thought of this and they went straight to the dyno with the GTR they secured for testing. They claim it is a fresh, new, US spec, production GTR. They used a Dynojet dyno and registered a whopping 430+ HP to the wheels over several runs. At just 15% driveline loss that would equate to about 506HP at the crank. At 25% loss, we're looking at 570+HP and 560+TQ. Pretty far off from Nissan's numbers of 473HP.

They conclude that these cars are not "special" test mules but rather have been underrated by Nissan for one reason or another. Remember, Japanese manufacturers for years had to abide by an agreement in their home country that they would not make cars with over 280HP. That lead to underrating HP figures for countless models. I guess old habits die hard. The GTR truly lives up to it's Godzilla nickname. What a beast!

Here is a link to the Motor Trend article.

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toyota rush modifications

Run away in Toyota Rush interior comfort.
Apart from feeling the look direction and the height that were ideal to drive, the eyes And You Too will be spoilt by the instrument panel hollow that good looking , with the metallic element that stressed the solid and modern impression.

good linker
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Daihatsu Materia and D-Compact X-Over

Now Daihatsu sees the Materia as a rival for the Renault Modus and Nissan Note, and promises competitive pricing and high equipment levels: expect kit including side airbags, sliding/reclining seats and traction and stability the strategies are unlikely to get the sofa-style front passenger seat seen in the D-Compact concept, however. Details of UK pricing and specifications will be announced shortly.

it is also showing an ItalDesign-styled concept called D-Compact X-Over: built on the same platform as the Materia, it proposes an alternative to the trad-4x4 Terios. Features include an expansive glass roof stretching from the top of the windscreen to above the rear seats. It's a good bet that this will follow the D-Compact Wagon concept into production next year.SPEAKER DETECTOR

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Suzuki SX4, Sport X Over at Car and Motorcycle Modification Contest
Suzuki SX4, or more known with X Over (Cross Over), is a sporty Suzuki car which released after Swift and Grand Vitara. In an polling held by Otomotif ...

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Weber State University Automotive Contest festival

The twenty-second annual Weber State University Automotive Contest (written portion) was held on Thursday, November 15, 2007, at 8:30 a.m. There were approximately 800 participants from 52 schools, from 5 states this year (Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada & Wyoming). The students took a 50 question test which covers five automotive ASE areas.

The Skills/Hands-on portion of the contest was held January 17, 2008.

Approximately 550 students took the written test at Weber State University, with another 250 taking a proctored test in locations outside a 200-mile radius of WSU.

24 Qualifying Schools (Alphabetically)

1. Bear Lake High School, Montpelier, ID
2. Bingham High School, South Jordan, UT
3. Blackfoot High School, Blackfoot, ID
4. Box Elder High School, Brigham City, UT
5. Bridgerland ATC, Logan, UT
6. Buhl High School, Buhl, ID
7. Burley High School, Burley, ID
8. Cassia Regional Technical Center, Burley, ID
9. Churchill County High School, Fallon, NV
10. Clearfield High School, Clearfield, UT
11. Cottonwood High School, Salt Lake City, UT
12. Davis High School, Kaysville, UT
13. Emery High School, Castle Dale, UT
14. Jordan High School, Sandy, UT
15. Layton DATC, Layton, UT
16. Layton High School, Layton, UT
17. Lewiston High School, Lewiston, ID
18. Marsh Valley High School, Arimo, ID
19. Pahrump High School, Pahrump, NV
20. Provo High School, Provo, UT
21. Riverton High School, Riverton, UT
22. Viewmont High School, Bountiful, UT
23. West High School, Salt Lake City, UT

24. Woods Cross High School, Woods Cross, UT

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formula one racing live

Hamilton gossips
In terms of a learning curve, Lewis Hamilton could not have asked for one any steeper than he encountered last year.

As if it was not enough to carry the burden of being Formula One's first black driver into his rookie season, Hamilton then endured a remarkable rollercoaster ride that tested his resolve and emotions.

At just 21 there are many sportsmen of his tender age who may have crumbled in the face of the pressure he was subjected to.

Not only did Hamilton have to contend with a jealous team-mate in then world champion Fernando Alonso, who refused to understand why he was not granted number-one status within his new McLaren team.

But behind the scenes, undermining the on-track thrills, there was the most explosive furore being played out as lawyers were dragged into the sport in the wake of the 'spy' row scandal.

The politics frustratingly overshadowed Hamilton's bid for history as he attempted to become the first driver to win the title in his debut season.

At one stage, it was enough to make him consider whether he wanted to be part of a sport that indulged in such machinations, although his feelings were running high at the time.

In the end it was not to be for Hamilton who went into the closing two grands prix as leader with a 12-point cushion over his rivals, only to lose out in his bid for glory by a point.

It was heartbreaking stuff, the kind of end to a year that would see a man go one of two ways: either it would shatter his morale, or it would stiffen his resolve.

Fortunately, Hamilton possesses a hardened character that ensures this season will not be one spent reflecting on what might have been, but more about seeing to it he goes one better.

"With the experience of last year I do feel stronger than I did," stressed Hamilton, now with a new team-mate in Heikki Kovalainen following Alonso's unsurprising exit.

"As a driver I feel I developed so much in one season that I know I'll be a lot stronger this year than I was last year.

"I feel my relationship with the team is better than ever because in any situation, when you go through an experience with a group of people, it definitely does pull your strings and build tension.

"But at the end of it the relationship does grow, and as they have known me for many years, they know I would do anything for the team.

"With fewer political problems, then maybe I will enjoy the coming season a lot more."

With Alonso no longer a team-mate, the Spaniard returning to Renault, the team who made him two-time world champion, Hamilton should also feel as if a weight has been lifted.

The friction between the two did not help McLaren's cause over the course of the year, and it is clear a little animosity remains.

When asked to explain how his relationship with Kovalainen could differ to that with Alonso, Hamilton said: "It's still every man for himself.

"But you know how it is with some people, you ask questions and they give one-word answers, while some people make conversation and are easy to get on with.

"With Heikki, I don't need to make conversation. He is happy to start, and he can talk for ages, while he has similar views to me.

"That just makes everything a little bit simpler."

Without question the rivalry that simmered and occasionally boiled over last year will certainly come to the fore again this season.

"I hope what happened last year makes him more determined - I know it makes me more determined to beat him," insisted Hamilton

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wallpaper modifikasi street fighter

here are links for ototrend
Perang Advertising Strategy,... who will be the winner...??? " Rudi ...
... lebih setuju kalo Fazer dibuat street fighter harga 30 juta kayaknya no problem ... Wallpapers. Bebek Sportz dibanderol Rp. 17-an jeti,... oaaalaagh leee...

Honda New Bebek Sportz,... design ciamik.. tinggal mau dibanderol ...
ada yg tau ga ninja model street fighter di hargain berapa?? btw masukin avatar gimana caranya? ... browsing2 aja tentang modifikasi keduanya. 189. ahm(aku ...
Honda accord radiator
... honda 750 candyapple bike honda sale street honda goldwing engine bars ... honda fighter pilot honda 250sx engine schismatics download honda service manual ...
Tigernya gembel - Page 2 - Komunitas Honda Tiger Indonesia
Home Contact Forum New Posts Calendar RSS. Home. Online Store ... Komunitas Honda Tiger Indonesia Honda Tiger Modifikasi. Blogs. FAQ. Members List. Award ... -
canal 18 es
wallpaper of Proton saga. street fighter alpha 2 patch. Porfirio Diaz genealogy. ... sesami street theme. hermaphrodite lee curtis. mobil honda jazz modifikasi. ...
cub cadet motor mount
... motor mount for neverwinter night wallpaper to JAPAN and SCAT and GAME ... pokemon game on computer for street fighter alpha 3 rom download Playstation to ... -
Rico Espinet Scribe by Robert Abbey
1988 suzuki gsxr street fighter conversion kit. Play free Carmen San Diego. ... desktop wallpaper 1995 cadillac Eldorado. 65 mustang fast back. ...
world war ii bond drives
cast simpsons characters wallpaper. teacup chihuahua for sale in the california area. ... mugen street fighter characters downloads. making easter cards. ...
marine survey vedio
kelly chen wallpaper. lace psp tube. ... chi micro club newhall street. catcher rye paper topics. ... TRUCOS PARA FIRE FIGHTER F D 18. free photos of ona ...

2008 NY Auto Show Photos - Pontic G8 GXP

What's not to like about 402HP, a 6 speed manual, and 0-60 in under 5 seconds? Nice looking too.

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Citroen Metisse

C-Métisse is not only a car to stir the soul of the onlooker. It also boasts real driving sensations with a driving position featuring the latest technologies, and a specially designed high-performance diesel hybrid drivetrain.


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