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430 Scuderia Michael Schumacher

430 Scuderia Michael Schumacher. test driver of ferrari 

Even in racing retirement, Michael Schumacher still has one of the best careers in the world, currently completing the track

2009 Ferrari California

Welcome with Ferrari California. Position the song of Eagles, because the cover was finally released from the newest caracolante offer of horse 'of S, and it 's what you 'd you wait until it is -- another powerful, expensive, and ultra-exclusive offer of Maranello.

Not, California isn 't Ferrari moins-cher in the tradition of Dino -- the manufacturer of cars stiffened with these comparisons during months now, shouting with all with range of voice that their newer model not to be cheap. Indeed, one expects that California, a machine of before-engine with a hardtop yielding out of aluminium, is more expensive than the F430 spider, which sells with the detail with approximately $210.000.

But mission of California 'of S is slightly different that other Ferraris; the model all-nine is aimed more one purchaser before whom cannot have considered Ferrari, one which wants high efficiency and the high luxury at end.

For this purpose, California comprises small back seats and space of luggage which makes echo the large philosophy of tourism of the 612 Scaglietti. It 's obtained more late in navigation, the communications, and the options of entertainment. And the top yielding was optimized in order not to disturb to the top of these $500

Not, the didn of Ferrari 't forgets the execution. The power for California comes in the form of 4.3L V-8, which is based on the mill of F430, but with technology from direct injection. The power in horses is evaluated by Ferrari with 460 @ 7500 t/mn. The engine is joined to the new transmission of Ferrari 'of duel-clutch seven-speed of S -- the application of beginning of the new gear box. Gone up to the back, transmission of duel-clutch will be probably faster and smoothing tool that high-speed the F1 unit existing, and will make it possible Ferrari to compete with Porsche 'gear box of S new Dopplekupplung which beginning on the 2009 911. According to evaluations, 0-62 M/H concerns inside four seconds above, and when you must stop, Brembos carbon out of ceramics of standard-equipment will slow down California downwards but quickly.

Other interesting developments on California include a suspension of back of multilink instead of an installation of double-fork, and in addition to the aluminium roof, the major part of the body is also wrought in metal, using the same techniques of construction as F430 and 599 GTB.

Model external of California 'of S, parked by Pininfarina, naturally, is immediately recognizable like Ferrari. But him 's also distinctive beside Maranello 'of S of other offers. The car seems rounder with far and run that Ferraris recent. The apparent device is in advance the air intake designed in the cap, a selection of heritage no doubt originating in traditional Ferrari 250GT California. A fold in front of character starts with the version of passage on side of triple-hearing (smaller, replaced that found on the moose California) and above the handle of door, flattening outside above the aft wheels. The piled up exhaust ports dominate the left side and right of the back of the car, and the lid of trunk comprises a lip in front of spoiler.

Ferrari promises more groups of California throughout the summer bringing first world of car to 's with the Motor-show of Paris in September. The stay granted to as cover gives off the new car slowly

Ferrari 2008

Ferrari is now present on 52 markets in the whole world and exports almost 90% of the cars which it builds.� The imports of the European motor vehicles belongs to Pty of the motor vehicles of Ateco Ltd, Autralasie 'principal importer independent of car of S, and is responsible for Ferrari in Australia and Zealand News.� Imports of the European motor vehicles is invested in providing a superlative experiment of service to the customers and property which matches the single driving satisfaction which is found only behind the wheel of Ferrari.� The devoteImageHost.orgd service personalized for customers of Ferrari is supported by the support and the equipment of important distributor.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

July 2008 Dream Car of the Month - Koenigsegg CC

Koenigsegg CCXR Edition

Founded in 1993 by Christian von Koenigsegg, Keonigsegg is a Swedish based manufacturer of very rare, very fast supercars. Koenigsegg had a dream to become a car manufacturer and after making his fortune in business, he turned his attention to building a two seat, mid-engined supercar.

Christian von Koenigsegg penned the original design himself and the original prototype was finished in 1996. The prototype was shown to the public in 1997 and the production version of the car was revealed at the 2000 Paris Motor Show. That first model prototype was known as the Koenigsegg CC.

Koenigsegg CC Prototype

The first Koenigsegg sold to the public was called the CC8S. Only about 6 were produced between 2002 and 2005. The car featured a full carbon fiber body with an aluminum and kevlar honeycomb reinforcement. Curb weight was only 2590lbs and the car was powered by a supercharged Ford 4.7L modular V8 producing 655hp/555tq. Power was transferred to the rear wheels by a 6 speed Cima manual transaxle with limited slip differential. This car could accelerate to 60mph in 3.2 seconds and to 100 in 6.2 while on its way to a 10 second 1/4 mile. Top speed was estimated to be 240mph.

Koenigsegg CC8S

Following the CC8S was the Koenigsegg CCR which was produced from 2004-2006. The CCR was basically an updated and improved version of the original. Power was upped to 806hp/680tq by using a Lysholm twin-screw supercharger. That however proved to be difficult to install in the mid-engine car so the production CCR used twin centrifugal superchargers made by Rotrex which provides the same power in better packaging. On February 28 2005 the Koenigsegg CCR broke the production car top speed record of 240mph, set by the McLaren F1, which had stood for over 12 years by hitting 241.01mph on the Nardo test circuit. Important to note is the fact that Nardo is a circular track and the track where the McLaren F1 and subsequently the Bugatti Veyron set their records, the VW Ehra track in Germany, is a 9km straight track. The McLaren could only muster 231mph at Nardo. So if the CCR had been tested on the straight track, it's speed may have been closer to 250mph.

Koenigsegg CCR

The most recent model is the Koenigsegg CCX. The X denoting the 10th anniversary of the first CC model. The CCX is the first Koenigsegg designed for sale all over the world, particularly the United States. The Ford V8 was replaced by an engine designed in house by Koenigsegg. The new engine is capable of running on 91 octane fuel and the car meets all US crash and emissions standards. The engine is based on the Ford V8 and features dual overhead cams with 4 valves per cylinder. The block is made of special heat treated aluminum that allows it to be stronger but lighter than the previous engine. It uses a dry sump oiling system with an external oil cooler and piston squirters. Running 91 octane the twin supercharged engine achieves 806hp/678tq. The CCX also comes as the CCXR which uses biofuel and increases the engines output to over 1000hp. Track oriented models of the CCX and CCXR were introduced called the CCX Edition and CCXR Edition. They featured even more power and stiffer suspensions.

Koenigsegg CCX

Apa kelebihan dan kekurangan Honda CS1

+ Menggunakan mesin sonic / CBR125 yg sudah teruji
+ Pendingin cair, kompresi bisa dibuat tinggi, sehingga tenaga besar. mesin tegak, tidak seprti bebek honda yg lain yg tidur
+ Karakteristik overbore yaitu bore lebih besar dari stroke (58 x 47mm) sehingga mampu bermain di rpm tinggi dan tenaga menjadi lebih besar. karena ini tenaga puncak CS1 diklaim sedikit lebih besar dari MX (52 x 58mm) yng lebih canggih dan lebih besar kapasitasnya
+ Menggunakan double disc brake
+ Gayanya unik, sporty, campuran sport &bebek, belum ada yng sama

- Mesin lebih sederhana, Hanya menggunakan mesin SOHC, bandingkan dengan satriaFU yg pake DOHC. katup cuma 2 bandingkan dengan MX yng pake 4 katup
- Tenaga puncak 12,6HP, sedikit lebih tinggi dari MX yg 11,4HP tapi masih kalah jauh sama satria FU yng 16,5HP
- Lebih boros bahkan dibanding MX yng kapasitas lebih besar,
- Harus pake pertamax, makin tambah boros pengeluaran
- Bobotnya berat 114kg, mungkin ini motor bebek dengan bobot yng paling berat
- Tampang aneh (menurut gue, tapi ini masalah selera)
- Harganya overpriced banget. jauh lebih mahal dari jupi mx bahkan dari satriaFU yg lebih canggih. tapi namanya honda, biar mahal tetep laku.

2008 Honda Civic EX Coupe - Initial Impressions

Well, as I mentioned in a previous post, the wife's leased 2006 Acura TSX was returned at the end of the lease in May. As a replacement we decided to go with a new 2008 Honda Civic EX Coupe. This time we purchased the car instead of leasing. We had been looking at used cars for a while but the ones we were looking at, especially the Civics were almost as expensive or more expensive than a new one and most had dings, scratches or worse on them. So the decision was made to buy new.

The Civic was one of many cars on our list when we first started looking. We managed to narrow it down to the EX Coupe and we were able to get a good deal for only a couple hundred more than the "invoice price" you see on some of the internet sites. All in all, not a bad deal since the Civic has now become the best selling car in the US over the last few months. Honda dealers really don't need to give any discounts below MSRP so we were surprised at the deal we got.

Since it's my wife's car it was purchased with the automatic transmission. That's the only option on the car as the EX comes with pretty much everything you could want aside from nav and leather. Standard on the EX are a sunroof, nice MP3 compatible stereo with changer, 4 wheel disc brakes (lesser models make due with rear drums), and 16" alloy wheels.

Also, since it's my wife's car, I don't get the chance to drive it as much as I would like. I did however get the chance about a week ago to put some miles on it. Obviously, there is a bit of getting used to in a new car and the Civic's funky dash takes some time to warm up to. It was hard for me to find a comfortable driving position not because I'm a large guy, I'm average height and weight, but mostly because the car has no power memory seats and my wife didn't want me "messing" with the seat or tilt wheel too much. I did manage to get close though.

On the road the car felt fine with adequate power. It's no speed demon though with only 140hp pushing around almost 3000lbs of car. The ride was smooth but the suspension was a little bit soft for my tastes. The car definitely leaned too much around turns. The brakes were good and the car was fairly quiet. Probably my biggest complaint is with the electric power steering. It is way over-boosted. It felt like an old American car that you could steer with one pinkie finger. There was limited feedback and feel of the road transmitted through the steering. Some people may like that, but I do not. It's funny since the Acura TSX we had also had an electric power steering setup and that was very nicely weighted and provided nice feedback. That was however a more expensive sport sedan and the Civic is more of a relatively cheap, economy car.

Mileage, the big plus of the car, is rated at 36mpg highway and that seemed accurate. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if I can manage to get close to 40mpg when we take it on a road trip to Florida later this summer. My son may not enjoy that though since, at the age of 14, he is getting very close to 6' tall with no signs of slowing and the rear seats are a bit cramped. He'll have to work out the seating arrangement with my wife, since I do all the driving on the road trips.

After a couple of months of ownership, my impression of the Civic is that it is a well equipped, reasonably priced, economical, "appliance" type of car. It's not sporty and it's not meant to be. Of course, if it were my choice and it had to be a Civic, it would be the Si for me. Other than that, it's got all of the bases covered. Nicely appointed, reasonably priced, economical and with Honda reliability.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Nissan GTR Spec V details leaked

Apparently Road & Track has revealed some specs on the upcoming Nissan GTR Spec V. The car will seat only two as the rear seats have been removed for additional weight savings. Total weight reduction will be around 200lbs bringing curb weight to 3615. Horsepower is upped to 520hp and torque grows to 440lb-ft. The price is expected to be around $130,000 and it will be on sale in early 2009. Test cars have already been unofficially timed as low as 7:25 around the 'Ring.

Can't wait to see what the dealer markup on these will be.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Modifikasi, Modification

MODIFIKASI is term in Indonesia. Modifikasi is From word Modification In english,  Like Modification Contest, Modifikasi Motor In indonesia Now becomes Very Popular, teknik Modifikasi Update comes  from Everywhere, it can comes from Newspaper, Magazine, or Honda Modifikasi Book, Buku Manual Modifikasi is now available In  store in all Indonesia ,If you want and interested to buy you can go to store  now.

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Yamaha YZR M1 2008

Valentino Rossi, Yamaha YZR M1 2008,Yamaha YZR M1 2009

Yamaha vixion 2008

Yamaha vixion 2008.In several days in millis mxrider busy was discussed that there is New Yamaha but only in India, Yamaha whether gerangan..? If being seen tampila him this Yamaha motor was similar very much with Yamaha Vixion that circulated in Indonesia, but that distinguished this Yamaha motor was fairing all over his body that increasingly made tampilan to was proper for a true sport motor. If being seen from the site of Yamaha India this motor berlabel Yamaha R15. For this affair of the kitchen of the motor spur of eleven twelve with Yamaha Vixion that already the success asphalted in Indonesia approximately a year. This motor still tetep used the liquid cooler with the machine capacity 150cc by all fitur that almost was the same as Vixion including the burning system that has utilised Electronic Fuel Injection technology, mono cross to the suspension behind. By many kesamaa him of course was that made more than Yamaha R15 this that is the design that was the descendants from the type family of „ R “ in Yamaha as well as the existence of the brake.Yamaha vixion 2008 photo

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Batman Motor- BAT Pod

You May think That the Batman motor was made from special materials that finished millions dollar. Bat Pod the motor that was driven by Batman Motor in the 'Dark Knight' film evidently was made from available junk things in the house garage the director. To make dummy Bat Pod the Chris Nolan was accompanied designer Nathan Crowley only gathered things that were not used in his house garage and united him. The two of them then did not know how that was true to make an appropriate motor be driven. Although having several things that must be bought, Chris only bought him in the material shop the house. So creative him, the director was not shy to steal the tyre that was installed in BatMobile to be installed to this motor. it is from after dummy him succeeded in being and resembling a motor, various hindrances then emerged. One of them, how made this motor could the road and could be steered. The Batman costume that outflanked then became the other hindrance. However owing to the hard work of the team,  here are photos of BAt Pot
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

2010 Camaro one step ahead

2010 Camaro one step ahead
Doug Houlihan, GM 'chief engineer of S for the total vehicles rear-wheel-drive (architecture under Camaro, Pontiac G8 and all which blowsy, substance of big-V8 Holden of Australia, where the platform starts), coughed it high right: Camaro soluble solids ran N�rburgring in the 8:20.
A fast sweeping of a quite founded list (it seems certainly quite founded, at all events) times of covering of N�rburgring at shows that the cars announcing a time of covering of 8:20 include the E36-generation BMW m3 in 1999, Porsche 911 GT3 (generation 993) in per conduit by same year 'ace Walter Roehrl of ring and substance like Audi RS6 in 2001. For a little additional prospect this time for covering of 8:20, the GM was recently praised that to come '09 Corvette ZR1 did it in the 7:26.4.

Us have learned some, of things of of 'session of ring, said Houlihan, which carried out the development team Camaro to tire the Pirelli supplier for some changes subtle that he says the answer of direction fine-tuned and turn-in, and also have as consequence some blows dry of nitty-gritty for arrangements of suspension - which will improve further handling from on-road of Camaro 'from S.

Houlihan also indicated that all Camaros - V8 or V6 - will comprise the best GM of control system of stability of StabiliTrak can offer; the soluble solids appreciates primarily the software of the Corvette 'of the splendid active transport system of S which we insist remainder the standard of the world in the order directed towards the performance of stability. The ordering of stability of Camaro soluble solids will have a mode of way, a procedure and an arrangement which entirely decontaminates the stability and the ordering of traction. The stability/ordering of traction for all Camaros can be entirely handicapped, but Camaro SSs with the handbook six-speed also obtain a control device of launching.

Houlihan also known as coefficients of Camaro the 2010 'of S of dredger is a OK, but 0.35 ordinary for the soluble solids and 0.36 for the models of LS/LT V6. ED Welburn, GM 'vice-president of S of global design, has tells him 's hard to obtain air numbers superb-slipping for cars with the grills of great width and inserted headlights - conceive the selections Welburn and its naming team insisted above, obviously, to deliver on r�tros promises of Camaro the 2010 'of S.

We pleurnich� the package of aspect of RS which adds the discharge to high intensity, ring of halation headlights, lamps of tail single, a spoiler postpones and the wheels of 20 inches makes it almost impossible to distinguish a Camaro V8-packing from a V6 work. There but for those of you who can locate the difference in inch, Houlihan indicates 'gift of S one: the ends of exhaust for Camaro soluble solids, which is V8 only, are 96mm (3.7 inches) of diameter. But LT Camaros (V6 liter of standard 3.6) - even with the package of RS - have ends of exhaust which are right 3 inches diameter.

What this means with you: The number of N�rburgring proves even if him 'sA not very heavy, Camaro soluble solids can function with a certain enough exclusive company. And with 300 powers in horses, the doesn of Camaro V6 't gain exactly car of secretary stereotype, one or the other. - Bill Visnic, elder writer, Edmunds AutoObserver
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Knight rider Presented video and photo

Knight Rider
If you were a child of the Eighties, or are right a ventilator of very-late-night of television via cable, then you the 'VE Michael most probably considering adouber (played by a pre-Baywatch David Hasselhoff) and its talkative associate supercar, KITT (industries of knight two thousand), fight with bad lots on the rider of knight of exposure of action-ventures small-screen.

With the first glance, KITT seemed to be a transport 1982 sportsman of Pontiac AM, expenses in addition to assembly line. But thanks to small Hollywood razzle-shines, the car transformed into practically indestructible machine-had with the advanced artificial intelligence with which allowed him to accept orders of ordering of voice, to act one on the other Hoff and to make decisions only. In fact, the car 's AI were thus advanced that KITT formed a kind of personality, quiest-EC-which made like car to the automatic million experts in a manner Batmobile could never not be. But when the exposure was buried in 1986, was thus

Last week, NBC revealed a KITT all-nine and discussed, which is placed at star in film of rider of the knight make-for-TV in February. Based on the mustang still-with-being-released Shelby GT500KR from Ford (click on here for the video engine-revving), this virtual has piqu� comes deceived outside with a giant computer which can notch any system almost; a very able system of weapons; and body-thanks with nanotechnology-that 's able form-shift and color of change to the will. Like its predecessor, 21st century KITT obtains the AI of the numerical magicians of effects which makes him a associate ideal crime-fighting: logic, precis and infinitely smart.

The originator Harald Belker, who created Batmobile for Batman and Robin and a space shuttle next-GEN for Armageddon, came on board to give the new KITT. a single glance. But was to return him to it more aggressive glance without being hokey or, indicator Belker indicates. The maintenance of as much of the original beauty of Shelby as possible was important-and not simply because of the connection of Ford. It had to however be simple credible as a superhero. Once its vision was placed, Belker turned to Ted Moser of warehouse of car of image to make its diagrams come to the life. But there was a large obstacle: The doesn of GT500KR 't exists technically completely still. Ainsi we had to finish them, of design initially Moser known as. Alors we brought a manufacturer of pedestal bridge bearing to create the side skirts and spoilers out it wood, to smooth them outside, and sent their to a glass fibre store to make moulds. Once the parts are made of these moulds, we finish them and attach them to the car.

One of the fresher devices of mustang KITT east air-assemble the suspension, which makes it possible its driver to lower the car 'the size of turn of S when the vehicle morphs of the hero to tackle the mode. When it goes on the offensive, it obtains opera hat with, of the ground Moser laughs under cape. Very aggressive, indeed. There will be three models used in stripping: Hero (primarily of actions GT500KR); Attacks (the model tricked-out); and remote-control (functioned via RC, obviously). All the �transformation � will be made by the animation of cgi as in the transformers that, of film Moser admits. (Click on here for the clandestine numerical sorcery of this flick of spectacular of summer 'of S.)

For all you resistant of transport AM, droolers of mustang and heinous of Hasselhoff, here 's the very first glance with all the Sp�c news. of gee-whiz of KITT 'of S and functionality, matched until the original to determine what better is equipped for Hollywood crime-fighting.
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Base price: $24,545.00
Tax credit: 1,300.00
Adjusted MSRP: $23,245.00
Premium over regular version: $1,410.00
MPG: 24/32 (city/hwy)
Combined MPG: 27
Annual gas cost (15,000 miles, $4.20 per gallon): $2,333.33
Annual gas savings: $186.67
Years to pay back: 7.6
EPA pollution rating: N/A
Compared to: 2008 Chevrolet Malibu LT
Base price: $21,835.00
MPG: 22/30 (city/hwy)
Combined MPG: 25
Verdict: The Malibu Hybrid gives little in terms of real hybrid value, but counters that with a competitive price. Hold on tight for the
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Jaguar 1 step ahead with new design

  Jaguar 1 step ahead with new design.The all-new 2009 XF.
During 30 years, the design of jaguar was mired in which Aaron Bragman, an automatic analyst for Global Insight de Troy, of Mich., calls of English model of living room - as inside, preserving trucks and sport scars accentuated with wood and leather traditional. The average purchaser of jaguar was almost 60 years old, and they were most of the time loyal supporters that 'd had the front cars.

The stodginess was somewhat comprehensible, since during much of years the directors in Ford Motor had a crowd of other problems to approach. Jaguar 1 step ahead with new design

After the payment of $2.5 billion the fabulous British car manufacturer in 1989, their first task was to fix the terrifying quality of the cars. There were also thousands of excessive workmen, factories ancient, and out-of-date and expensive methods of
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Hand made Car

Condemn my bracket. Wood around the screw splits, thus it means that only one end is correctly united. Although this piece is right a small renforcor and is hidden far under the body of frame 1556 of ��, I cannot let it disappear, because it could cause a couic or the rattle and ruin the experiment of Morgan for that which ordered this car.
One decade after I spent one day on the line production of F50 Ferrari, another company of car allowed me to put its good reputation on the line. To 8.30am cold Tuesday morning, I present myself to John Fisher, supervisor of the body shop.
Before I would be put to work, Fisher introduces to me to my dozen the approximately similar workmen so that they know why somebody suddenly appeared of nowhere. I explain that I make a history of steal-on-the-wall about work in the store out of wooden and that I had done something similar to Ferrari. The �ha,� indicated one. �It will be a little different at Morgan.�
Hand made car
I spend my first hour with Tim transpiercing on the machine of planing. A large timber chock of construction of ash must pass by three times because the machine at the same time removes only one certain quantity of wood. Car from wood.It is work and noisy reiterated. Wood itself is of Lincolnshire, but the plywood ImageHost.orgof Latvia east employed for parts such as vaults of wheel.
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Logan promises more style A refreshed Logan

Renault-had Dacia regenerated Logan, and Mahindra-Renault is placed to offer the same thing too to the Indian customers. While mechanically there was no dry blow with the car, time and the effort was devoted on revitalizing the visual aspect of the car, and the interiors.

The face uses now larger, more angular headlights, and has a large chromium bar placed on the grill, which will call upon the Indian customers, who equalize chromium with expensive. A smooth stop integrated the profile, and borders it carbon imitation for the lamps of fog (on the cars haut-Sp�c.) also add a expensive feeling. The lights of tail remain primarily unchanged.

On the interior, the instrument panel now borrowed from the trap door of Sandero, makes at the interiors a more pleasant place to be inside. One can immediately detect association with the design first, but it is rounder, smoothing tool and less angular. Moreover larger mirrors have the means the promise of a better back visibility, and a safety belt of three points for the average passenger in the back line is very useful.Logan Photo
Regenerated Logan will not come to India before 2009 because the version of control on the right must be machin�e still. A raising of prices for the new model can be envisaged, more especially as Mahindra-Renault is under presses with one euro in rise. 40 percent of Logan are still imported and if Mahindra-Renault is to maintain the accessibility of Logan, its USP indeed, it will have to be based on greater volumes to control the costs.
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Auto car Book

8 Anniversary Special Edition

Judul Autocar Juni 2008
No. ISBN -
Penulis Autocar
Penerbit Media Talenta Utama, PT
Tanggal terbit Juni - 2008
Jumlah Halaman -
Berat Buku -
Jenis Cover Soft Cover
Dimensi(L x P) -
Kategori Otomotif
Bonus Pulpen & Booklet Wigi
Text Bahasa Indonesia
+ Plus!: New Alphard, New Teana, Audi Q5
+ Parade Serba Delapan: Komparasi Terpanas, Teknologi Pengguncang Dunia, Kiat Hemat BBM, Jurus Jual Untung, Kebiasaan Buruk Pengemudi, Audio Saloon Premium, Motor Pilihan Lokal, Kebijakan Otomotif, Wawancara Eksklusif: Antasari Azhar
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Auto car

With the coach, day laborer is the day of refuse because building the refuse of the trucks are all which we do - a complaint none of our competitors can make. We apply 100% of our home to the building and to support the best trucks of the class 8 LCF in the businesses - the trucks with industry-principal innovations like the improved ergonomic cabins, integrated orders, and a body-frame not exceeded connects.

We have also exclusive agreements to use engines of Cummins and transmissions of Allison, and a network of service spread by all the country quickly expanding which includes concessions of Cummins now. Add management, technology, and the teams of sales the most tested in the businesses, and you will include/understand why the sales of the coach 'trucks of S Xpeditor doubled in two last years. So daily is the day of refuse for you also, coach is exact there with you.
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New Alfa 8C

Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione will obtain a successor for the centenary of the company in 2010, and it could be based on Ferrari California if Alfa Romeo can run up against a business of difficult of `with Maranello. New Alfa 8C Photo

The owners of alpha believe that the idea to build a supercar with low volume which the spirit of Mark incarnates and provides of the selections of design for lower models in bottom of the balance - cleared with the half-compartment and the convertible one of the limit-edition 8C - worked spectacularly well.

Engines of Maserati and current speed were used for the original 8C, but Alfa Romeo 'total marketing director of S Sergio Cravero believes that a car based on new Ferrari California would be ideal as a its replacement.

It would be large if Ferrari let to us do it,� Cravero said, �but it is very difficult to convince them.� The 8C project will have broken even, financially speaking, before the 500 spiders currently in construction were delivered.

Alfa Romeo had provided to build only half-compartments, and each of the 500 sold quickly, but the request for an alternative of lower-top was so large that the company curved with the pressure.

Cravero believes that the project 8 C.A. carried out much more identification of mark than a calculation of the costs of publicity campaign of TV by similar amount of money, and is sharp to repeat the process.

The `new 8C' would be an engine car before-and rear-wheel-drive, made again in limited numbers, but no firm decision was still made about its mechanical design or supports. However, the owners of alpha recognize that to take a ready car within two year, a plan will have to emerge very soon.New Alfa 8C
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BMW M car murdered by stupid teen.

A while back there was a story of a spoiled teen whose parents bought him a new BMW M5 and he subsequently went out and crashed it, killing himself and a few friends in an incredibly stupid fashion. I commented on it here. Well, now we have another case. Jalopnik reported that another offspring of wealthy parents with more money than sense has led a BMW M car to it's death.

This time, luckily for the parents and the teen, no one was killed except the car, a 2008 BMW M3. Apparently it was a gift to the 19 year old who proceeded to pick up a couple of friends and be stupid, as teens are known to do. He just felt like opening up the 420HP beast in a residential neighborhood and hit a hill where he lost control, hitting a curb and becoming airborne. The car wound up landing in a front yard and hitting a house. Brilliant move on the driver's part and his parents.

I wonder what they will replace it with? The poor boy needs something to drive. Why not get him a loaded pistol and tell him to go have fun with it outside? That may actually be safer.

New Tiger Revolution

Spesification of New Tiger Revolution

Panjang x Lebar x Tinggi: 2.029 x 747 x 1.093 mm
Jarak Sumbu Roda: 1.327 mm
Jarak Terendah ke Tanah: 155 mm
Berat Kosong: 137 kg
Tipe Rangka: Pola Berlian [diamond steel]
Tipe Suspensi Depan: Teleskopik
Tipe Suspensi Belakang type CW: Lengan ayun pegas ganda dengan tabung oil
Tipe Suspensi Belakang type Spoke: Lengan ayun pegas ganda
Ukuran Ban Depan: 2,75 - 18 42P
Ukuran Ban Belakang: 100/90 - 18M/C - 56P
Rem Depan: Cakram hidrolik, dengan piston ganda
Rem Belakang type CW: Cakram hidrolik, dengan piston tunggal
Rem Belakang type CW: Tromol
Kapasitas Tangki Bahan Bakar: 13,2 Liter
Tipe Mesin: 4 Langkah, OHC, pendinginan udara
Diameter X Langkah: 63,5 x 62,2
Volume Silinder: 196,9 cc
Perbandingan Kompresi 9,0 : 1
Daya Maksimum: 16,7 PS / 8.500 RPM
Torsi Maksimum: 1,60 kgf.m / 7.000 RPM
Kapasitas Pelumas: 1,0 liter pada penggantian periodik
Kopling: Manual, Multiplate Wet Clutch
Gigi Transmisi : 6 kecepatan
Pola Pengoperasian Gigi: 1-N-2-3-4-5-6
Starter: Elektrik starter dan kick starter
Aki: 12 V - 7 Ah
Busi: ND x 24 EP - U9 / NGK DP8 EA-9
Sistem Pengapian: AC-CDI, Magneto

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Yamaha Motor Indonesia MIO

Yamaha Mio was the automatic motor-scooter that was produced by Yamaha Motor Indonesia The background of the motorcycle Market in Indonesia was the biggest motorcycle market the number 3 in the world, but the biggest market share was the motor had a capacity of the small machine with the duck model (underbone) the typical South-East Asian character. This not rather beneficial for the producer of the motor, because the trend of the market of the world motorcycle for the motorcycle had a capacity of the small machine was the motor-scooter kind. This reason became the foundation of Yamaha Indonesia to try to popularise the motor-scooter in Indonesia through Yamaha Nouvo during 2003, despite this the success but Nouvo pioneering facilitated Yamaha Mio to gain the success in afterwards the day. The design bodi unlike his predecessor (Nouvo) that was affected the design of the duck model (underbone), Yamaha Mio followed the design bodi the pure motor-scooter. This could be seen from lingkar the small wheel (14 inchi) resulted in the distance that was spacious between two wheel fuses. The Mesin machine full automatic typical the motor-scooter was installed dimotor this,
    * Nama Produk  : MIO
    * Tipe Produk  : Automatic
    * Harga Mio Standar  : Rp. 10,560,000 (Maret 2007).
    * Harga Mio Sporty  : Rp. 11,285,000 (Maret 2007).
    * Mesin
          o Tipe Mesin  : 4 langkah, SOHC 2-Klep pendingin udara
          o Diameter x Langkah  : 50.0 x 57.9 mm
          o Volume Silinder  : 113.7 CC
          o Perbandingan Kompresi  : 8.8 : 1
          o Kopling  : Kering, Sentrifugal Otomatis
          o Susunan Silinder  : Tunggal
          o Karburator  : NCV24x1 (Keihin)
          o Sistem Pengapian  : DC-CDI
          o Pelumas  : Wet Sump
          o Kapasitas Oli Mesin  : 0.9 Liter
          o Transmisi  : V-Belt Otomatis
          o Rasio Gigi  : 2.399 - 0.829
          o Caster / Trail  : 26.5 derajat/ 100 mm
          o Sistem Rem Depan  : Hydraulic Single Disc
          o Sistem Rem Belakang  : Drum
    * Chasis
          o Tipe Rangka  : Steel Tube
          o Kapasitas Tangki  : 3,7 Liter
          o Jarak Sumbu Roda  : 1,240 mm
          o Jarak ke Tanah  : 130 mm
          o Tinggi Tempat Duduk  : 745 mm
    * Suspensi / Ban
          o Suspensi Depan  : Teleskopik
          o Suspensi Belakang  : Teleskopik
          o Ukuran Ban Depan  : 70/90-14MC 34P
          o Ukuran Ban Belakang  : 80/90-14MC 34P
          o Sistem Starter  : Kick & Electric
    * Performa (klaim pabrik)
          o Daya Maksimum  : 6.54 Km (8.9 ps) / 8,000 rpm
          o Torsi Maksimum  : 7.84 Nm (0.88 kgf.m) / 7,000 rpm
    * Garansi
          o 3 tahun/ 36.000 Km  : Mesin (sesuai ketentuan)
          o 2 tahun  : kelistrikan (Rotor, Stator, CDI, Ignition Coil, Motor Starter Assy)
          o 6 bulan/ 6.000 Km  : Umum (di luar kelistrikan)
          o SERVIS GRATIS  : 4 kali + 2 kali oli mesin
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Yamaha Mio style

Yamaha Mio was available on the market of motor bike yamaha of Thailand during a few years now but late million model is execution of best and model of the smartest glance still. The flagship of the small range of motor bike of Yamaha should be Nouvo although Yamaha million is not behind distance and is becoming it fast of the most popular bicycles of engine in Thailand.
Although not as large as the model of 115 CC Yamaha Nouvo, Yamaha million has a primarily powerful engine 110cc which is very fast in addition to mark for a small automatic motor bike. Yamaha million has a stage by the design very similar in the face and the form to the popular click of Honda. Like the click, the million has only one small storage capacity under the seat but has a handy hook behind and below the bars of handle to carry a helmet or two or the grocers on your house in manner of the supermarket.

The new model Yamaha million right was recently released and has a simple headlight only formed designed which looks at most impressive and is a stage starting from the design twins currently popular headlight of him the narrowest competitors on the small automatic market of motor cycle, this Honda being click on and air the blade as well as Yamaha Nouvo.

Even as Honda Airblade and click, Yamaha million has tires slightly smaller than Nouvo and the models of vagueness of Honda. The tires of smaller diameter are to prove to be popular nowadays and seem to give right like stringer a turn that the wheels of regular size of the majority of the motor cycles in this bracket.

Yamaha million has the price shown clearly to approximately the baht 43.000 including on costs of road according to which options you choose. The million standard comes with wheels from spoke although the wheels of magnetic are available at a price slightly higher. Yamaha million has perhaps the range on colors available of all the small motor cycles currently on sale with a certain number of optional additional expenses available to adapt your bicycle.
Spec Yamaha Mio Soul

Rp 12,800,000
(Harga On The Road berlaku untuk daerah Jakarta dan sekitarnya)

Tipe Mesin 4 langkah, SOHC 2-Klep pendingin udara AIS (Air Induction System) EURO 2 Ready
Diameter x Langkah 50.0 x 57.9 mm
Volume Silinder 113.7 CC
Perbandingan Kompresi 8.8 : 1
Kopling Kering, Sentrifugal Otomatis
Susunan Silinder Tunggal
Karburator NCV24x1 (Keihin)
Sistem Pengapian DC-CDI
Pelumas Wet Sump
Kapasitas Oli Mesin 0.9 Liter
Transmisi V-Belt Otomatis
Rasio Gigi 2.399 - 0.829
Caster / Trail 26.5 derajat/ 100 mm

Berat kosong 87 Kg
Tipe rangka Pipa Baja
Kapasitas tangki 3.7 Liter
Jarak sumbu roda 1240 mm
Jarak terendah ke tanah 130 mm
Tinggi Tempat Duduk 745 mm

Suspensi / Ban
Suspensi depan Teleskopik
Suspensi belakang Teleskopik
Ukuran ban depan 70/90 - 14 MC 34 P
Ukuran ban belakang 80/90 - 14 MC 34 P

Dimensi P x L x T 1820 mm x 675 mm x 1050 mm
Sistem Starter Kick & Electric
Daya maksimum 6,54 km (8,9 ps)@8.000 rpm
Torsi maksimum 7,84 N-m (0,88 kgf.m) @ 7.000 rpm

Sistem Pengereman
Sistem Rem Depan Hydraulic Single Disc
Sistem Rem Belakang Drum

3 tahun/ 36.000 Km Mesin (Sesuai ketentuan)
2 tahun Kelistrikan (Rotor, Stator, CDI, Ignition Coil, Motor Starter Assy)
6 bulan/ 6.000 Km Umum (Diluar kelistrikan)
Servis Gratis
4 kali + 2 kali oli mesin
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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Meet the Lotus Evora

Lotus debuted their latest car, the 2+2 Evora at the British Motor Show this week. The car has been the target of spy photographers for many months while under development as codename Eagle. Now we finally have pictures and stats on the new car.

The Evora will feature a 2+2 seating arrangement with very small back seats apparently not suitable for grown humans with all their limbs. But it is a 2+2 non the less. Power will be supplied by a Toyota V6 with 276HP/252TQ transferred through a 6 speed manual. In Lotus tradition, curb weight will be kept down but the car will feature many luxury options not available on their other current offerings. Even with the added weight, 0-60 times are expected to be below 5 seconds. No official performance specs have been released though.

Scorpio Yamaha

Scorpio Yamaha Out Fazer 250 in! During the first time seeing Yamaha Scorpio implied the negative question about the motor 220cc this. Did this motor deserve to be made the product flagship Yamaha Indonesia? Seen from tongkronga him that very bore when compared with his competitor. When disandingkan with Honda Tiger Revo, Scorpio was seen not solider. When being pitted with the product kebanggan Kawasaki Indonesia, Ninja 150 easily meng CO Scorpio both in a manner the performance and the appearance. Moreover after the birth “adiknya” V-Ixion that was very innovative Scorpio fate was increasingly unclear. Possibly indeed has become fate for Scorpio to become the Yamaha product of the emptiness filler post pensiu him TZM or RZR. Currently Yamaha in the prediction produces Fazer 250 to replace the “tanggung” Scorpio. The product that will become flagship Yamaha Indonesia this was present with the machine have a capacity 250cc. Tampilan the motor cruiser that was adapted from Yamaha Brazil this was seen so solid especially if was seen from alongside and behind. Appear at first glance resembled Honda CBF the peer's 250 rivals
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D Sport 125cc,Cagiva Mito 125

Cagiva Mito 125
For Indonesians:-D Sport 125cc, was the sport motor was most appropriate for Indonesians. Because besides having the good-looking appearance the measurement as well as his weight were correctly true the pass for the measurement and the street in Indonesia. Generally light Sportbike had the machine capacity between 125cc till 150cc. Trapped this the machine of two might not be still became the main choice because from the aspect of the performance that could be produced generally gas emissions discarded the motor of two not have a capacity was supervised 150cc still slipped away the test emisis euro Ii & III. Pilihanya many, the quality OK, the price made sense Minimally the choice of the minor sport motor had 5 kinds. From the Japanese plain was represented by Honda CBR 125, Kawasaki ZX 150 RR and Yamaha YZ 125R. Whereas the European plain was represented by Aprilia Rs125 and the veteran Cagiva Mito. Berhubung all of it was the original product the manufacturer of the centre (the Japanese country and italy) except ZX 150 RR the quality and their performance were guaranteed pancen oye and free cost down. YZF 125R -
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Monday, July 21, 2008

Official photos and info on the 2010 Camaro

After many, many months of spy photos and guessing, we finally have some official details on the 2010 Chevy Camaro. There will be three engine choices, a 3.6L direct injection V6 with 300HP/273TQ, a new 6.2L L99 V8 for 6 speed auto equipped cars with 400HP/395TQ and the 6.2L LS3 V8 for 6 speed manual cars with 422HP/408TQ. The V6 cars will be rated at 26mpg and the L99 V8, which featured Active Fuel Management, will get 23mpg highway. The trim levels will be LS, LT and SS. The LS and LT will get the V6 engine while the SS gets the choice of V8s and auto or manual transmissions. The LT and SS can be ordered with the RS appearance package which adds HID headlamps with integrated halo rings, a rear spoiler, different taillamps and 20-inch wheels. SS models get Brembo brakes and a Sport mode with stability control and launch control.

Aside from the retro exterior, the car will also sport a very retro interior with 60's style gauges reminiscent of the first generation Camaros. A nice touch are the lower gauges on the center console ahead of the shifter. Prices are expected to start around $25k for the V6 and up to $40k for the SS.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

2008 Lexus GS 350 4dr Sedan

2008 Lexus GS 350 Until recently, versions of six-cylinder of the truck of luxury of intermediate size of Lexus GS had been never known for their execution with hot line. Many people considered the lack of excitation of under-cap in the GS a significant weak point in a class populated by comparatively sporting, trucks of European-mark. But fortunes changed in 2007 when the truck of intermediate size of Lexus dropped its badge from GS 300 and became Lexus GS 350.2008 Lexus GS 350 Photo
While its name implies, the GS 350 has of the 3.5 V6 liters under its cap. With a result of 303 powers in horses, it exceeds its predecessor by 60 powers in horses. However the GS 350 initially remains a truck of luxury. He 'sA admirably built the car furnished with the allowance with the places with cuddly toy and approvals with point, but the reflexes of sport-truck simply aren 't in its catch. Always, for domestic end-users for a fast and elegant car of road, Lexus GS 350 should easily satisfy.

Lexus running GS 350

Although named dates of GS 350 to 2007, the truck third-generation of GS debuted really for 2006 as a GS 300 and GS 430. Except their engines, the GS 350 and 300 are

Each Lexus GS 350 comes with one liter sophisticated V6 from all-aluminium 3.5 with the direct injection and synchronization from variable valve on its valves from catch and exhaust. This V6 is evaluated 303 powers in horses and 274 deliver-feet of couple. An automatic transmission six-speed is standard, and the purchasers have a choice of the standard rear-wheel-drive installation or an optional aldrive system.

With the 3.5 V6 liters, Lexus GS is seriously fast, and the majority of the drivers will find its reservations of power than proportioned more in any situation. The very vehement answer of power control in addition to line our is only felt sorry for about this gear box. Lexus advertisement back-lead GS 350 will accelerate to 60 M/H as Juste 5.7 seconds -- identical to the company with the 'evaluation of S for V8-equipped GS

The consumers evaluated the GS 350 strongly up to now, noting that it combines the elevated levels of Lexus of luxury is known for with the kind of acceleration lives typically found in more sporting trucks of luxury of intermediate size. If you feel like slipping length, urban circulation or differently, or you feel like pushing piercing cries far, this is the car, wrote a critic of the consumer.

The notable standard equipment on Lexus GS 350 includes wheels of 17 inches, headlights HIDDEN by xenon, a moonroof, the tapestry of leather furnishing, the automatic ordering of climate of duel-zone, an audio system CD of 10 loudspeakers, Bluetooth and various arrangements of memory for the front driver and passenger. The important options include an audio system of surround-sound of Levinson of mark, the navigation of DVD, a camera of rearview, the system of before the collision of state of preparation of accidents, the ordering of cruising adaptive and the various wheel/levelling of tire.

Last models of Lexus GS 350

Lexus GS 350 is always too new to have much a presence on the market of second-hand car. Because of the increase in power on this model, although, the prices on GS 300s are suitable to be a little lower, making them a full value for carefree purchasers by execution with hot line.

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2009 Jaguar XF-Series

New 2009 Jaguar XF-Series ,Audi A6 when I saw that this meeting in the next room (this was a merchant of Audi/jaguar/d' Aston Martin Ferrari/ECT) it made taking into consideration Audi absolutely tedious. I was just drawn with the point. I always liked the shape of the jaguars (except the type of S) but their serious was rather bad. I tried to find something with the car badly. V8 Aston Maritn looking at the truck for the somethings 50k of lower part not well here. But I found that nothing without counting that some orders and levers of pallet did not feel fragile. The didn I the 'care of T, I obtained it and do not regret any up to now. On the roads twisty it feels sensitive and carried and on balances of them the roads its peace, smoothe, and comfortable. I like it. 2009_Jaguar_XF-Series_1.jpg (166 KB) 2009_Jaguar_XF-Series_5.jpg (49 KB) 2009_Jaguar_XF-Series_2.jpg (109 KB) 2009_Jaguar_XF-Series_3.bmp (751 KB)
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2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid 4-Door Sedan

This is big Overall, the 2009 Camry Hybrid is a great value for the money. It is a very comfortable car and has all the options which I could never want. The fact that it is an hybrid takes to be accustomed. The take off of a stop without the noise of engines is strange at the beginning and when you support and cycles it of engine to far, to initially seems him as a stall when it is only normal. Once you are accustomed to him, it is very well. The power is not large, but when you think that, if you obtain an Toyota hybrid, you are worried by employing too much gasoline and polluting the environment, thus by leading it like Ferrari is not really a concern. It with the power than proportioned more and collects it when it is necessary and it is good in value the difference to obtain 35 positive miles per gallon in so large, equipped well car.this is  2009 Toyota Camry  photo
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