Saturday, April 19, 2008

Honda CS1 (City Sport)

Honda CS1 (City Sport) his name is curiously.
Several weeks later in the TV often put forward this mysterious motor advertisement.
Mysterious because the motor noose was not put forward fully but took the form of silhouettes,
Discounts body and red shadowed gradations

Honda apparently tried to make public curious against this new product.
Including me, really waited also like whether the shape from the mysterious earlier.
Just finally kepenasaran this was answered.
Trans the TV presented launching Honda CS1.
I would few comments that not too much details (the motor tabloid and automotive will discuss more).
The complete noose of Honda CS1 was last week seen by me in the Ototrend Tabloid.
In the tabloid, the photograph of the motor was not seen too good.
However after seeing Tran TV was good-looking enough also.
Spresifikasi his foundation was Hyperunderbone.
The term previously the person mentioned him the Rooster.
As a family with Suzuki Satri FU 150, Honda Nova Sonic, Yamaha Tiara (still in remembered or not?
), Suzuki Raider.
The machine that was used it seems was the machine of Honda Nova Sonic with the capacity 125 cc with liquid water cooling system.
The manual clutch, monoshock, the digital speedometer and disc brakes in the two wheels.
That was most unique from Honda CS1 was body that was rather strange.
Initially I thought Honda will issue the guy's Honda Megapro motor of the same class or Honda Tiger.
Honda CS1 was the blend between the duck motor and the motor laki.
His rear rather resembled Suzuki Satria with the sharp tail-light and fender was separated like in Honda Tiger.
However the face part was rather seen strange.
On the whole this motor apparently really quite appropriate was bought.
If I was not wrong the range har him was approximately 16-17 million.
More expensive than Honda Supra X 125 most sophisticated.
In accordance with his name, this motor was the city motor that was drafted to be used the daily came home went beraktivitas.
Be enough the style and even really the style.
Definitely him was also very effective was used bent-liuk menerabas the Jakarta impasse when working hours.
Everything of Honda was moderate enough to choose the machine capacity 125 cc instead of 150 cc

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