Monday, October 6, 2008

Ferrari Info

we're doing a project for school specifically on the "design" of Ferrari cars but we're having trouble finding information on the actual design of the cars, how they are made, etc. If you know of any websites that have this information or just information in general about Ferrari's I would greatly appreciate the links.
search for automotive design.
There are 5 people in a team of automotive designers.

1. Designer of outside of car.
2. Interior designer
3. Marketing and manufacturing
4. Chassis and engine
5. Project leader.

They draw it, then they make a computer drawing on a CAD program. From the computer drawing the machine reads it and carves a clay copy of the car.

After they make the full size version of the car out of clay, they review the design and make some changes by carving the clay themselves.

Then they do the same thing for the inside of the car to work on the design of the ergonomics.

Then they make real versions of it by making the machine carve out the body out of metal.

The engines are hand built.

Everything else is put totheger by machines.
Then they start testing the car and see how they can improve with aerodynamics, handling, engine performance.

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