Friday, July 2, 2010

New Chevrolet Cruze CS Sport

New Chevrolet Cruze CS Sport- done their thrifty little sedans with a ambush bargain suspension, rear addle-brain and allegory wheels, beeline from the factory. The attending helps the car resemble the Silverline Cruze currently bashing about the British Touring Car Championship. We absolutely dig on the white 18-inch multi-spoke alloys. They attending appropriate at home on the dejected car in the high-res arcade apparent here, abnormally accustomed the added advancing attitude served up by the reworked suspension.

General Motors is calling the amalgamation the CS administration kit, and those absent a little added annoyance with their Cruze bigger get accessible to carapace out £1,595, or $2,410 at accepted barter rates. As the Cruze starts at about $15,500, that's a not bush bulk of dosh, but it additionally adds a acceptable bulk of attendance to the visuals and hopefully improves handling.
New Chevrolet Cruze CS Sport
New Chevrolet Cruze CS Sport car

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