Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bologna Motor Show

Affluenza of public record today at 32 ° Bologna Motor Show: full pavilions and Shell Arena packed in every order placed. In the morning the fair was visited by a guest exceptional: Emma Bonino, Minister of International Trade and European Policies.
After visiting the exhibition, the minister met with journalists in the press room: "I am very pleased to be here to express my appreciation for an event that every year manages to draw the attention of both the public. Visiting the pavilions I was genuinely impressed by the event plurisettorialità: from the State Police and of the Army to test drive, the engagement to road safety than to the ecology, with issues of great public interest brought all 'interest visitors. I saw a demonstration of great quality and I have also noticed an exhibition of products really refined from this point of view the Motor Show is spectacular. "

Great result of the public for the departure of the Memorial Bettega Piazza Verdi: This city has responded, noting the curious twenty cars in the caravan (eight participants in the "Bettega, the Subaru Impreza then that was the way to Memorial, four cars Historical and seven cars EcoCity participating in the Ecoparata) in the first place a few steps from Two Towers and then along the streets of Bologna, reserving applause several pilots.

In today took place two awards: ANIA Foundation and Police celebrated the winner of the competition on road safety "cHIC! Ken, do not laugh chickens" while the pavilion on 25 stand Peugeot Miss Italy and Miss Silvia Battisti Peugeot Stephanie Salvadori have awarded winners Peugeot Trophy Competition.

Several of the characters present world of entertainment today at the Show: Giorgia Palmas, Paola and Chiara, the Absolute Zero, Riccardo Fogli, Mark Martin, Nada, Formula Three and Francesco Ark, in addition to sports Andrea Zorzi and Fabio Galante.

That tomorrow will be the final day of the Motor Show 2007. Morning will be held the traditional presentation of My Special Car Show, Exhibition and Sports dell'Auto Special: 10.30 in the Hall Trio, Block B of the Service Center, will be presented the 6 th edition of the event, scheduled from 28 to March 30, 2008 in Rimini Fair.

An hour later, at 11.30, an exceptional event: Night Room, Center Services Block D, Aci Sports organizes the presentation of the Rally of Italy Sardinia, the Italian stage of the World Rally 2008.

As per tradition Shell Arena will be great protagonist of the final day of the Show. It will play the final stages of Barclaycard Bettega Memorial and the Bomb Boogie Xtreme Supermotard, but especially the scene will Freestyle-Rally Tribute to Colin Mc Rae: pilots engaged in "Bettega" will perform in a descent of the bridge Shell Arena to be concluded , in front of the stands, with a "number" at their discretion and will be judged by a jury exceptional campionissimi consists of rallysmo and motorsports world every time. One way to honour the memory of Colin Mc Rae, extraordinary champion recently disappeared, always a friend of Motor Show.

Even on the last day will be different the celebrity guests at the Show: Giancarlo Minardi, Gaetano Curreri, leader of the Stadium and a trio of beauties formed by Debora Salvalaggio, Giorgia Palmas and Camila Morais.

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