Friday, December 21, 2007

renault concept cars

From dreamlife… renault will

Veritable distillations of ideas, with new and breathtaking lines, concept cars are the substance of which dreams are made.
The dreams of the public that suddenly glimpses the future.
The dreams of designers who let their imagination and creativity reign free, creating new horizons of possibility and inventing the cars of the future.

the renault motto

… to the future renault will

A dream made real through the uncommon status of concept cars. Freed from industrial constraints necessary for the production of vehicles on the assembly line, these one-of-a-kind prototypes are at the very heart of the Group’s strategy.
They express Renault’s anticipation of and response to the evolution in lifestyles.
They provide the public with the opportunity to experience new forms of expression and to test reactions.
Concept cars are precious accelerators of innovation.

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