Saturday, May 10, 2008

GM Attacking The Nurburgring

Recently there has been some serious activity going on at Germany's Nurburgring course where many manufacturers are now testing their new performance offerings. Nissan just set some amazing times with a stock GTR and the GTR V-Spec is also running loose. In response to Nissan's times, GM has vowed that the upcoming Corvette ZR-1 which is testing in Germany now, will beat any production car's record on any course. Serious fighting words.

There still haven't been any official times for the ZR-1 but GM is also testing the soon to be released Cadillac CTS-V, which is equipped with a slightly less powerful version of the ZR-1's LSA V8. The news from those tests is pretty impressive. According to GM, a production CTS-V piloted by John Heinricy, set a record for a production sedan of 7:59.32. That's pretty damn fast for a 4000lb+ sedan. Can't wait to see what the ZR-1 can do with about 80 more HP and 700 less pounds.

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