Saturday, February 21, 2009

modifikasi mio

many ideas to create new modifications, just like to  modify your Yamaha Mio. and it  comes from Ali Wardana, the owner of Oracle Modification Concepts in Jakarta.

you can see From left side view, front lamp:Nouva, rear lamp: Honda CBR, body custom, Mio CW Cas Wheel from Malaysia, TDR exhaust, and Double RPM.Front shield burberry coated, Piagio windshiel.

this pictures 

modifikasi motor mio, mio soul,and mio 

Front view, so awesome

Psst,… don't let anyone knows. It's engine has already bore up to 155cc. Ali says that it can run untill 140 km/hr. Ck ck ck … Thanks, Ali .. for this idea. You can submit your later concept to me to be listed here.

Ones want to modify like Mio above, you can contact Ali Wardana at :

OMC (Oracle Modification Concept)
Jl. Harapan Mulia XI No. 9
Cempaka Putih Utara
Jakarta Pusat
021-70755444 / 021-68955054 contact him for  best modified motorcycles

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