Thursday, April 29, 2010

This Is Interesting !!! Do This When You Fail Your Test !!!

Just for entertainment purposes. This is REALLY CREATIVE !!! Read this and ENJOY :-


Dear Mom and Dad, or should I say Grandma & Grandpa,

Yes, I am pregnant. No, I’m not married yet since Larry, my boyfriend, is out of a job. Larry’s employers just don’t seem to appreciate the skills he has learned since he quit high school. Larry looks much younger than you, Dad, even though he is three years older. I’m quitting college and getting a job so we can get an apartment before the baby is born. I found a beautiful apartment above a 24-hour auto repair garage with good insulation so the exhaust fumes and noise won’t bother us.

I’m very happy. I thought you would be too.

Love, Ashley

P.S. There is no Larry. I’m not pregnant. I’m not getting married. I’m not quitting school, but I am getting a “D” in Chemistry. I just wanted you to have some perspective.

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