Sunday, August 31, 2008

Modifikasi Mesin Yamaha Mio

we Now have new article about Modifikasi mesin Yamaha Mio, The reasources coming from my friends and he want to share with us,he we are.the name is mio spek harian with 2006 year
you can bore up 58,5 then
-klep 28/24
-karbu PWL 26
-noken as 280 deg. make the simple exhaust system with easy flow knalpot 
-big pulley LHK
-gear ratio 14/40
-per CVT LHK 2000 rpm
-CDI BRT dual band
aftre modification the compression began   16:1 

the we use bahan bakar pertamax plus mio
-busi autolite jupiter
-koil kawasaki AR 125 ori jpn
-velg nouvo 16"

top speed after modificationwe have jarak 600 m speednya mentok 140/jam
my friend also has new one . here are
spek motor gw :
blok : eon 58,5 keramik
klep : 28/24
pen stroke: naik 2 mm
stang piston : titanium LHK 3,5 mm
camshaft: LHK 330  R10
karbu : sp 28
pulley : kitaco
ratio : 14/41 di pelek 14
kampas kopling : pantekan america
per cvt : LHK 2000 rpm
roller : 10 rata
belt :standart
knalpot : Dbs
Cdi : Brt hyperband
kompresi : 18:1
bahan bakar :pertamax plus
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