Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Yamaha Tesseract

"The Yamaha Tesseract is a funky concept quad-bike which is due to go on display at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show.

The Yamaha Tesseract is a hybrid powered vehicle, powered by both a v-twin engine and an
electric motor.

The suspension and steering mechanism of the Tesseract is also worth mentioning. Yamaha have equipped the concept with 'dual-scythe' suspension which allows the vehicle to lean like a regular two-wheeled bike. When stationary the extra pair o
f wheels and a dual arm-lock system keep the Tesseract upright.

Apart from the technology, Yamaha have styled the Tesseract to look rather startling. The semi-open wheel covers, exposed suspension mechanism and linkages, chiseled styling and praying mantis stance combine to give the Tesseract a menacing, almost predatory appearance."

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