Sunday, August 24, 2008

Yamaha Tesseract concept

Yamaha Tesseract concept

And now for something completely different. Yamaha has just announced it will bring a flock of new models of the motorcycle and scooter to the Motor Show next Tokyo. One of the most interesting concepts, which refer to as rough motorcycle, is the Tesseract. Piaggio has a hit in their hands in the form of MP3, which is able to lean in turns despite the third round. Yamaha has gone up this one-with its Tesseract, although whe added with a more, l which has brought the total to four. But anyone confuse this machine with a car!

Once again the lead of Piaggio following with its hybrid imminent MP3, Yamaha has made this a hybrid concept, boasts a V-Twin engine size without revealing together with an electric motor. Yamaha demand that the machine is almost the same width as a standard motorcycle, mean-lane basis could remain a viable option and the park should not be too difficult. The Tesseract has also been equipped with a mechanism to keep the machine upright when it is stationary or when park is, again, like MP3. In regard to tilling? It is, uh different! Imagine that one half of the processor and you will be transformed from pretty darn close. And what we love!

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