Wednesday, September 17, 2008

All New Nissan maxima

Maxima this eighth generation was developed was based on the D platform just Nissan, but was supplied the long machine 3.5 litre VQ V6 that in-upgraded so as to be able to spray out the power until 290 mobile phones were bigger 35 mobile phones compared to his preceding model. This machine was smaller compared to the new machine 3.7 litre V6 with the power 330 mobile phones belonging to Infiniti G37. This machine disandingkan with the transmission of the new Xtronic CVT manual (Continuously Variable Transmission) and mode Ds (drive sport) to pengendaraan that more sporti. “i was planning to make one machine front and berpenggerak the front wheel of the best performance in dunia,” said Al Castignetti, the Vice President and General Manager, Nissan division, Nissan North America to AP on Tuesday, (28/5) Castignetti added, New Maxima 2009 will be available in all the stages that offered the value, the quality and the performance that was fresher like that was hoped for by the consumer to Nissan. Nissan Maxima was the first time introduced in the United States the New Year end 1981. Till at this time four from five Maxima
All New Nissan maxima
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