Saturday, September 6, 2008


all new jazz 08 M&A/T or Swift-GT2-A/T CASH :
Harga OTR (On The Road)

1.Swift ST M/T = 137.000.000
2.Swift ST A/T = 148.000.000
3.Swift GT2 M/T = 149.000.000
4.Swift GT2 A/T = 160.000.000

1.Swift ST M/T DP = 21.000.000
2.Swift ST A/T DP = 23.000.000
3.Swift GT2 M/T DP = 23.000.000
4.Swift GT2 A/T DP = 25.000.000

*Mesin M15A 1.500 cc VVT Injection
*New Design Front Grill and Bumper
*New Design Alloy Wheel 16 inch
*New Design Rear Bumper
*New Twin Pipe Muffler
*New Reverse Lamp
*New Rear Upper Spoiler
*New Side Skirt
*Steering Wheel Audio Switches with *Single Disc Audio System
*Sporty Instrument Panel
*MID ( Multi Information Display )
*Build in Audio Set
*Manual Air Conditioner with Outside *Temperatur
*5 Seater Capacity
*Flexible 2nd Row Seat Arrangement
*Door Instruments with Central Lock
and Power Window
*Front Door Pocket
*Front Door Holder
*Glove Box
*Rear Cup Holder

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