Monday, September 1, 2008

Honda Icon Thailand Icon

Honda Icon Thailand Icon
It is now several months after AP-Honda launched its icon Honda scooter, as the main target market for Thai adolescent population.

A movement of the agreement 4, 2-cooled engine valve SOHC 108cc, Honda energies icon. The dislocation of the cylinder is accumulation 50m by 55m m m hole and rub lightly, which generate a compression ratio of 9.5:1 than air-cooling se basa en - air - in what forced cooling air is forced by a fan to cool various engine parts, which makes the icon of self-Honda engine overheating.

The transmission for the icon is Honda V-Matic belt-drive, with a gear ratio of 2.68 - 0.85, the transmission system of handing the belt to the rear wheel energy efficient and produce less sound for driving comfortable and relaxed .
The icon Honda comes in 3 flavors, which have only cosmetic differences in others. The flavors are icon are `icon` Cute ', are Sport and is the icon of `Cyber'.

Honda is using the patented and comprehensive security features for the icon Honda, including technology-Combi Brake, which distributes braking energy balanced, front and rear wheels. The brakes icon Honda also have parking-brake, like working as parking brake of a car and prevent the icon Honda moves, even if the motorcycle parking on a slope. Another fruitful future of security is that the icon breaker Honda engine when hand-Place is low, this can prevent the dangers of forgetting moments lift-placed side before exiting.

To drive icon Honda motorcycle is not the fastest 110CC, but the suspension very balanced with the quality of leadership is extremely good. The telescopic front forks and give a monkey-shocked back of the arm swing, and a base wheel 1240M m is providing Honda icon of the road and behavior that corners with which many motorcycles biggest and strongest can dream only.
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