Saturday, April 11, 2009

Inside nano car | Intip Daleman nya

tata nano  car mobil termurah abad ini

 The car start to sell Public in 9 april 2009. let see inside the car.First, what should I call the car? It’s not a hatchback since there is no door to open at the rear end. It should be called a ‘Nano’, a new term for this segment. And because of no rear door, the luggage in the boot can only be accessed from the rear seat. When I got into the car, my first impression was the space inside the car, much more than its closes rival, M 800. The head room too is quite good and in fact is more than Santro xing, the tallest small car. Since there is no engine in front, the leg room was pretty good for the front passenger. The dashboard console was at the center and has a Speedometer, an odometer besides turn indicators and a few Engine lights.

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