Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Project Miata update #3

Haven't posted much about the Miata in a while. With the weather being so nice here in the Northeast, finally, I've been enjoying the car. I got my issue with the rear suspension nut resolved and I've just been driving. What a fun car.

The car passed NJ State inspection this weekend with no problems. Whew! Was a bit anxious about this since the car has over 136,000 miles on it and what looks to be the original exhaust and catalytic converter. Big relief.

I also took the car for an alignment which was an ordeal. Went to a local Firestone Service Center since there is noting better in my area. They, of course, wouldn't do any custom numbers on the alignment but later in the day they called and said they couldn't get it to the stock specs either. Then they finally looked at my custom numbers but couldn't hit the camber number on that. Nothing looks bent and they agreed saying that the car is just too low with the new suspension. As far as I know that shouldn't make a difference with the Miata but whatever. Of course, they gave me no discount and I paid for a half-assed alignment. I'll have to find a good racing shop to do my alignment from now on. Not too concerned since the tires I have are crap. Once I replace them and, hopefully, the rims I'll get a good alignment.

I'm waiting on some new stuff for the car. My wife ordered something Miata related for my birthday but I don't know what it is yet. Possibly one of the many books available for Miata enthusiasts. I also treated myself to an R-Package front lip spoiler from RSpeed. Couldn't pass up the price they were offering as part of a group buy. Still waiting for delivery on that.

Also getting psyched for an all Mazda meet at the world famous Orange County Choppers. Hopefully the weather this weekend is nice. There are almost 200 cars and 300 people signed up for the weekend meet.

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