Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bmw Progessive Sedan 2009 is ready

Last year, Chief Executive BMW, Norbert Reithofer had said that his side will introduce several cars with the newest design, including the foremost sedan kind that was named Progressive Activity Sedan (the PASS).
Currently this statement becomes the reality.
The manufacturer of this German premium car promising, this BMW future sedan will head debut international him to Frankfirt Motor Show in September next year.
Was based on observation of the site automotif the Authority Motor, PAS many mengadopisi the design from the model X6. this car will also be offered with two choices of the system of the wheel motivator, that is behind (RWD) and four wheels (AWD).
Like in X6, this car also used 4 seats, where each one was supplemented with the heating system and pijat electric.Although carrying the name of the sedan.
However in a manner the appearance of this car was more exact was counted as estate or hatchback.
The rear was supplemented with the door that was opened to the middle.
According to this information was the design of the final that will be put forward next year.
To strengthen the premium impression, BMW will strengthen the character like be proper for to the car coupe.
The veranda was designed shorter was adapted to the wheel bandage 21 inch.
It was long that the wheel fuse was estimated approximately 3 metre in a long manner the car whole 4,9 metre.
So as the PASS a little bigger compared to the model X6.
The BMW side apparently will position the PASS between the series 5 and the series 7.
It did not yet have the picture about the spur kitchen, but apparently BMW will use several choices of the machine kind, including technology EfficientDynamic and hybrid.
The machine capacity diperkriakan between 3.0 litre turbo the diesel and the power 245 mobile phones, 3.0 litre twin turbo 6 cylinders 300 mobile phones with the petrol engine and the diesel.
The highest choice was 4.0 litre V8 the diesel 408 mobile phones.
During the interview last year, one of the officials BMW, Klaus Draeger said will develop the generation of the two passes if his first model showed the success.
He also said the name of the car will be begun from the "V" letter.
Now "Z" for the variant of sport and "X" for SUV.
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