Monday, June 30, 2008

Cara Mencari Modifikasi Motor

Here are tips for Googling Modifikasi Motor, type the keyword : Intitle:Modifikasi Motor, Intitle: modifikasi motor Honda, Intitle : Modifikasi Yamaha, all you had to do is modification of keyword of motor modification.
Satria F150 Is very goof racing, agile in the road to be congested and his attraction OK for the duck 4 not.
But usually the noble's driver F150 standard was made us bored with your ride, at the time of the machine has was hot the noble could suddenly then died.
If being investigated further, like him the sign died the noble was resulted in because of the Pilot of the jet standard him the smallness.
The measurement of the pilot of the jet 12.5 was felt far very to satisfy the requirement for the petrol the duck super this.
Minimally the noble standard with the muffler standard used the pilot of the jet of the measurement 15.
The price that was needed to redeem spuyer Samsh the measurement 15 or shogun the measurement 17,5 original Suzuki around Rp.
45,000,- in Sena the motor of the citrus fruit gardener 7.
But had the other solution for normal friends playing in the world computer
Here are several tips for fastening your Motor Satria FU 150 moer faster on the road
1. Change the Pilot Jet and use Suzuki smash Pilot jet or Shogun with size 15
2. Enlarge Kopling spring ( Per kopling)with powerful Kopling.

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