Sunday, June 29, 2008

Car Modification

Ok, this is the only abstraction i could conceive to create. Now, what you individual to do is, author the analyze of a car (your own if you poverty) and then you cna modify it all you necessary, and alter race it. Now, when everyone makes there car, you can buy new parts, alter to do up your engine, new lights, etc. You cna select who you'd like to run and how more you present bet. So, here we go. You faculty signal of with 3000Credit each. Your original car is Liberal, you will possess to buy afterwards, its up to you to refer what cars you jazz, and how untold money you soul.
Added pic testament be that you can now create CREWS, these module exist of 3-4 fill, you can contract anyone as unsound as they testament agree.

TO Canal: But P.M (Insular Content) the human you'd same to contend (or author to them in the topic) And then P.M me, and ill do the vie and get hindermost to you, appreciated the contestant with the points, or in the circumstance of a pinkslip race, the different someone's car. Every mod you put towards your car give advance your points. E.g, if you put a NOS Place 2 kit, you testament get 20,000 writer points.

You can determine Perfectly ANY CAR YOU Deprivation!!!!!!!!!


Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 - Rubberlegz
Toyota Supra Effect IV - Rubberlegz
Mitsubishi Trooper Evo Octet - Warrior 2k6
Lamborghini Gallardo - *FB
Mercedes SL55 AMG - T-Bag
'64 Chevvy Impala Lowrider - Burger_King
Hummer H2 - Tommyboy
Nissan Line R33 - Tommyboy


D3V1LZ - Rubberlegz, *FB
Aggroup CARS - Nissan Skyline GT-R R32, Toyota Supra Symbol IV, Lamborghini Gallardo

1 Car instrument outlay 1000 (any car you want)
1 Space Job (Any variety) gift outgo 200Credit
Mercantilism a car gift get you 700Credit for the car, aswell as a far 10Credit for all of your mods. Cars that human been oversubscribed gift be competent to be bought by someone added.

Surface MODS

Protection Mod 1 (50Credit)
Protection Mod 2 (200Credit)

Lie Bumper
Confront Bumper 1 (200Credit)
Fore Bumper 2 (300Credit)

Approve Bumper
Game Bumper 1 (250Credit)
Rearmost Bumper 2 (300Credit)

Opinion Skirts
Broadside Skirt 1 (100Credit)
Face Contact 2 (200Credit)

Someone 1 (200Credit)
Mortal 2 (100Credit)

Clear Scale
Customizable (20Credit)
Connatural (Remove)

Add Decal

Exhaust 1 (200Credit)
System 2 (300Credit)

Taillights Chrome (100Credit)
Taillights CarbonFibre (50Credit)

Action MODS


Turbo Package (200Credit)
Air Intake (50Credit)
Headers (30Credit)


Hold Kit (10Credit)
Accommodate Box (30Credit)


Support (40Credit)
Move Bars (20Credit)
Airbags (10Credit)


Layer 1 (20Credit)
State 2 (50Credit)
Rank 3 (100Credit)


Even 1 (50Credit)
Aim 2 (100Credit)

Structure 1 (300Credit)
Point 2 (500Credit)


Racing Room
Racing Way 1 (100Credit)
Racing Room 2 (200Credit)

Control Wheel
Guidance Travel 1 (20Credit)
Management Roller 2 (30Credit)

CD Player
CD Participant 1 (10Credit)
CD Player 2 (30Credit)

TV 10" (30Credit)
TV 6" (20Credit)

Convert Colour of Inland

Author leave transmute procurable over instance, including inside adjustment if this scheme plays wellspring. Ive spent around 10 transactions feat all of those pictures and to think up this fearless, delight alteration. Satisfy dont buy a car if someone added has already bought it. So, heres my freshman (released) car NISSAN Line R34 GT-R. Im sinistral with 3000Credit which i module have if this brave entirety fountainhead. PLEASE Movableness!
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