Friday, March 25, 2011

Foresight 2020, Is this the figure F1 Future?

UK - There are many predictions about the figure and looks of Formula racing cars in the future. As a prototype design by Red Bull X 1 or Delta Wing.
And one who tries to make the land the jet nicknamed the car the look is the Renault F1 chief designer, Pat Symonds showing the figure of a 3D rendering of a Formula 1 car in 2020.
In 2020 Symonds Foresight nicknamed design gives some radical changes than the current F1 appearance. Seen from the use of a more flat tires and wide, which gives the effect of adding the level of aerodynamics.
In addition, the small front wing shape and loss of hole in the side pod is claimed to improve speed of Foresight 2020.
Interestingly, unlike the previous prototype figure who wore closed cockpit, Foresight 2020 it remains an open cockpit apply to the present version.
Who's driving that will be transplanted is 1600 cc turbo engine is equipped with technology Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems (KERS) are capable of spraying power of 250 hp.
The plan of this machine will be used in Formula 1 beginning in 2013. It is expected that with the use of these newer machines, there will be as much as 35 percent fuel efficiency while reducing CO2 emissions.
According to Symonds, changes to land the jet dragster design the next 10 years will be quite a lot, especially to get around regulations.
"Illustrations that we made featuring the artistic impression, but still adhering to the essence of the characters in the car that will compete in Formula 1 in 2020," said Symonds

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