Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Geneva 2011

The 2011 Geneva Motor Show is just underway and there have been some really cool cars featured already.  Here are some of the best so far.

Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4

I already posted about this one.  The successor to the Murcielago looks to be better in every way than its predecessor.  Faster, lighter, more powerful, and more fuel efficient.  All for about $400,000.

Alfa Romeo 4C Concept

The 4C is a new small sportscar concept from Alfa that uses carbon fiber and aluminum to keep the weight low, very low, as in under 2000lbs.  Add to that a 200HP turbo 4cyl and a dual clutch transmission and you've got a recipe for fun and sub 5 second 0-60 times.  The best news is that Alfa is exploring the possibilities of making it a production model.

Saab PhoeniX Concept

Intended to show the new face of Saab the PhoeniX was designed by Jason Castriota, the same guy who came up with the Ferrari P4/5 and the Bertone Mantide.  Under te beautiful skin and behind the butterfly doors is seating for 4 in a 2+2 arrangement.  Power is supplied by a 200HP 1.6L turbo 4 cylinder powering a Saab XWD all wheel drive system.

Toyota FT-86 II Concept

This is, as the name points out, the second FT-86 concept design to make the auto show rounds and this one should be closer to what we can expect from the production version when it debuts in 2012.  To say it's hotly anticipated would be an understatement.  Toyota is in need of some excitement and injection of youth oriented cars in it's lineup and this car should do the trick though there are rumors that it will be badged a Scion when it is released.  A joint venture with Subaru, (they will have their own version of the car) the FT-86 will be powered by a Subie 2.0L boxer 4cyl under the hood powering the rear wheels via a manual transmission.

Pagani Huayra

Unveiled to the world a couple of months ago, the Pagani Huayra was show in the flesh in Geneva.  Capable of over 230MPH, the Huayra is the successor to the amazing Zonda.  Best part is that this car will be available in the U.S. if you've go that kind of money.

Ferrari FF

The Ferrari FF is another car that was revealed to the public a few weeks ago but Geneva is the first time that many will be able to check it out in person.  The FF replaces the 612 Scaglietti and it features Ferrari's first production all wheel drive system and first production "shooting brake" design.  Love or hate the design, it should be quite the ride with it's mighty V12 power.

Weismann Spyder Concept

Minimalist interior, light weight, and a screaming 420HP BMW V8 mounted aft of the front wheels translates into a roadster that will hit 60MPH in 4 seconds and top out at about 180MPH.  Weismann says it's just a concept but they could have a production version ready by 2012.

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