Friday, March 18, 2011

Help Tsunami Victims, Honda Motor Donate Rp34 Billion

JAPAN-earthquake followed by tsunami on Friday, March 11 and then destroy anything in its path, including a number of other public infrastructure. Post-disaster that hit Japan last weekend, resulting in Japan's Honda Motor Operating should be suspended during its production, mainly second and Kumamato Hamamatsu factory.
Both companies are companies responsible for producing famous brands owned by Honda.

Hamamatsu is a factory that produces the Honda CBR600RR and CBR1000RR has shut down the factory from Sunday, while the factory responsible for producing Kumamato Brand Goldwing come close on Monday.

Actually, both companies owned by Honda is very far from the disaster, but a sense of perikemanusian, Honda come close the temporary operation of the factory.

Honda Manufacturing Kumamato itself will return in the open on 20 March, but for Honda's Hamamatsu factory have not provided an explanation of when and how to reopen the factory.

Honda will disburse funds to help Japan's recovery efforts by donating at USD3.900.000 or Rp34 billion, 1,000 generators, and 5,000 fuel tubes

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