Wednesday, July 23, 2008

BMW M car murdered by stupid teen.

A while back there was a story of a spoiled teen whose parents bought him a new BMW M5 and he subsequently went out and crashed it, killing himself and a few friends in an incredibly stupid fashion. I commented on it here. Well, now we have another case. Jalopnik reported that another offspring of wealthy parents with more money than sense has led a BMW M car to it's death.

This time, luckily for the parents and the teen, no one was killed except the car, a 2008 BMW M3. Apparently it was a gift to the 19 year old who proceeded to pick up a couple of friends and be stupid, as teens are known to do. He just felt like opening up the 420HP beast in a residential neighborhood and hit a hill where he lost control, hitting a curb and becoming airborne. The car wound up landing in a front yard and hitting a house. Brilliant move on the driver's part and his parents.

I wonder what they will replace it with? The poor boy needs something to drive. Why not get him a loaded pistol and tell him to go have fun with it outside? That may actually be safer.

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