Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ferrari new car 2008

Just days after Ferrari launched the site of enigma for the sound new WP, the first full images and groups with Ferrari California were indicated. Though the timer of countdown on the site of enigma indicates always there 'week of SA to disappear before next information indicate, the countdown itself is little more than one

Like other Ferraris modern, this one is manufactured aluminium to keep the mass under the order. The 460 powers in horses 4.3L V8 are the first of Maranello to employ the direct injection while following the tradition of packing to use a crankshaft of dish-plane. This car of the first beginnings also the application of production of a duelle gear box of clutch of Ferrari. The unit 7 speeds is assembled in a back configuration of transaxle and should provide a smoother shift and still a better execution than the existing hydraulics-actuated units than Ferrari currently employs. Acceleration with 60 M/H should concern 4.0 seconds inside.
California east also retractable Ferrari 'convertible of hardtop of S first. The shape of the cup of cap and headlights with the field of the shock absorbers postpone and in the passing behind the nose gear wheels this car obviously on the heritage of the original Sixties 250 WP draws California. At the same time, it 's mixed with the modern elements of design of Ferrari drawn from F430 and the 599 currents. Us 'about waiting with interest to see much more this car during the months bringing to the Motor-show of Paris! Thanks to Mobius and in Ovidiu of the end
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