Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Scorpio Yamaha

Scorpio Yamaha Out Fazer 250 in! During the first time seeing Yamaha Scorpio implied the negative question about the motor 220cc this. Did this motor deserve to be made the product flagship Yamaha Indonesia? Seen from tongkronga him that very bore when compared with his competitor. When disandingkan with Honda Tiger Revo, Scorpio was seen not solider. When being pitted with the product kebanggan Kawasaki Indonesia, Ninja 150 easily meng CO Scorpio both in a manner the performance and the appearance. Moreover after the birth “adiknya” V-Ixion that was very innovative Scorpio fate was increasingly unclear. Possibly indeed has become fate for Scorpio to become the Yamaha product of the emptiness filler post pensiu him TZM or RZR. Currently Yamaha in the prediction produces Fazer 250 to replace the “tanggung” Scorpio. The product that will become flagship Yamaha Indonesia this was present with the machine have a capacity 250cc. Tampilan the motor cruiser that was adapted from Yamaha Brazil this was seen so solid especially if was seen from alongside and behind. Appear at first glance resembled Honda CBF the peer's 250 rivals ImageHost.org
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