Wednesday, July 30, 2008

2009 Ferrari California

Welcome with Ferrari California. Position the song of Eagles, because the cover was finally released from the newest caracolante offer of horse 'of S, and it 's what you 'd you wait until it is -- another powerful, expensive, and ultra-exclusive offer of Maranello.

Not, California isn 't Ferrari moins-cher in the tradition of Dino -- the manufacturer of cars stiffened with these comparisons during months now, shouting with all with range of voice that their newer model not to be cheap. Indeed, one expects that California, a machine of before-engine with a hardtop yielding out of aluminium, is more expensive than the F430 spider, which sells with the detail with approximately $210.000.

But mission of California 'of S is slightly different that other Ferraris; the model all-nine is aimed more one purchaser before whom cannot have considered Ferrari, one which wants high efficiency and the high luxury at end.

For this purpose, California comprises small back seats and space of luggage which makes echo the large philosophy of tourism of the 612 Scaglietti. It 's obtained more late in navigation, the communications, and the options of entertainment. And the top yielding was optimized in order not to disturb to the top of these $500

Not, the didn of Ferrari 't forgets the execution. The power for California comes in the form of 4.3L V-8, which is based on the mill of F430, but with technology from direct injection. The power in horses is evaluated by Ferrari with 460 @ 7500 t/mn. The engine is joined to the new transmission of Ferrari 'of duel-clutch seven-speed of S -- the application of beginning of the new gear box. Gone up to the back, transmission of duel-clutch will be probably faster and smoothing tool that high-speed the F1 unit existing, and will make it possible Ferrari to compete with Porsche 'gear box of S new Dopplekupplung which beginning on the 2009 911. According to evaluations, 0-62 M/H concerns inside four seconds above, and when you must stop, Brembos carbon out of ceramics of standard-equipment will slow down California downwards but quickly.

Other interesting developments on California include a suspension of back of multilink instead of an installation of double-fork, and in addition to the aluminium roof, the major part of the body is also wrought in metal, using the same techniques of construction as F430 and 599 GTB.

Model external of California 'of S, parked by Pininfarina, naturally, is immediately recognizable like Ferrari. But him 's also distinctive beside Maranello 'of S of other offers. The car seems rounder with far and run that Ferraris recent. The apparent device is in advance the air intake designed in the cap, a selection of heritage no doubt originating in traditional Ferrari 250GT California. A fold in front of character starts with the version of passage on side of triple-hearing (smaller, replaced that found on the moose California) and above the handle of door, flattening outside above the aft wheels. The piled up exhaust ports dominate the left side and right of the back of the car, and the lid of trunk comprises a lip in front of spoiler.

Ferrari promises more groups of California throughout the summer bringing first world of car to 's with the Motor-show of Paris in September. The stay granted to as cover gives off the new car slowly

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