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History Of Ducaty Company

Tuesday, June 29, 2010 Well definitely surprised? Just read the Origins if this Ducati. Which Ducati Superbike ruled in the arena and the Almost undermined the dominance of Japanese manufacturers in MoptoGP, it Used to Be a manufacturer of electronics. Ducati is a Family Owned company supplying a radio transmitter. More precisely, it's 1926 in Bologna, Italy.
But the long struggle was destroyed by the Cruelty of the Second World War in 1944. Two years later Pls Milan Fair, Ducati Brother (the founder) tried to move on to another product. One of the associates, ie Cucciolo's introduces miniature engines for Motorcycles.

In 1952 the Ducati family other saw opportunities in the automotive industry. Just Rush to design a capacity Of 175 cc Cruiser Motorcycles with automatic transmissions.

The success brought Cruiser 175 cc engine to the market opening new opportunities for product delivery. A year later Ducati dared to make a motor with a capacity of 1998 cc of fuel-efficient and power. And that was the Forerunner to the development of motor capacity of 125 cc engine.

Later in the year 1954 an engineer named Fabio Taglioni join and bring the latest construction machinery. He Called it Taglioni design. It is said that this was the Forerunner to the construction of The Desmo Which have large energy.

Now, two years after his dream exhaled, really Taglioni realize by creating four-stroke race Tourist Tourist kitchen gravity bobot 174 and 174 special. Even directly made any type of sports. Add splashy, kitchen runway is capable of penetrating 135km / h. That figures are plotted as the fastest bike in its time,

In fact, in 1958 donated Taglioni desmodromic system for Triumph. Development began in 1955.
But the funny thing is, even the Ducati racing debut with a two-stroke engines with a capacity of 250 cc in 1960. Mike Hailwood at That Time Can be allocated to develop a racing engine manifold two-step, and repeatedly to reach the podium. After that, even leave the arena Racing Ducati.

Original manufacturer's new 1972 Bologna, Italy Fell back on the rink four-stroke class. On 23 April 1972, Taglioni desmodromic spawned a new weapon 750 cc twin cylinder.

Finally, Claudio and Gianfranco Castiglioni take over a part of the Cagiva Group. Until now Involved in two motorcycle racing arena. Namely Superbike and MotoGP

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