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Honda Company History

Soichiro Honda was born on November 17, 1906 in Iwatagun (now Tenrryu City) isolated in Shizuoka prefecture. Chubu region between Tokyo, Kyoto and Nara on the island of Honshu is initially full of neat tea plant, which was interrupted-selanya planted strawberries are delicious. But now Honda has engulfed the birth of Hamamatsu is the largest city in the province.

His father named Gihei Honda a blacksmith-turned-entrepreneur bicycle repair shop, while his mother named Mika, Soichiro eldest of nine children, but only four managed to reach adulthood. The others died in childhood due to shortage of drugs and also due to a rundown neighborhood.

Although Honda Gihei poor, but he likes to renewal. When the mouthpiece came the Western capital, he did not hesitate to replace traditional cigaret pipe is bent, no matter his neighbors consider it strange. Apparently the nature of it and also the skill to handle the machine down on her eldest son.

Before entering school, Soichiro was happy, helped his father at the foundry. He was also very fascinated to see and hear dengum rice grinding machine which is located a few kilometers from his village.
Low achievement at school. Honda claims repeat-ulangannya bad. He does not like to read, while he felt very difficult to fabricate. Not infrequently he was truant. "Even now I am more efficient learning from TV than from reading. If I read, nothing is sticking in the brain, "he said.

When it was grade five and six, Soichiro talent stood out in the field of science. Although it was only a dozen years, but in science classes in Japan have raised objects such as batteries, scales, test tubes and machines. Soichiro easily capture details of teachers and he easily answer the question.

Some time before that, for the first time Soichiro saw the car. "When I forget everything. I chased the car and managed to cling briefly behind him. When the car stopped, lubricant drips to the ground. I kiss the ground that dibasahinya. Maybe I just like the dog's behavior. Then I wipe the lubricant into the hands and arms.

Perhaps at that moment in my heart the desire to someday make their own cars. Since that time there is sometimes a car comes to our village. Every time I hear the roar of the car, I ran into the street, no matter at that moment was holding my sister. "

Soichiro just have to sit in school for ten years. After graduating from elementary school, juvenile delinquents were sent to junior high school in Futumata which is not far from his residence. Graduated from high school, he returned to his father's house. Gihei Honda have already switched from a blacksmith's bicycle repair shop entrepreneur. Gihei Honda has the magazine The World of Wheels which Soichiro read with great interest.

In the magazine was a car repair shop from Tokyo advertise for employees. Soichiro hastily proposed and she accepted. Although his father worried, but Soichiro also ushered into the big city.

Honda almost did not believe in his ear as he waited for the Honda felt called to learn to be a mechanic that really is the most severe test of endurance, would ever face in his life. In the days after that he was not afraid anymore thanks to the fortitude to face whatever obstacles acquired during a lackey.

Honda who during his career did not know much about money, just get a little advantage that first year. But Honda was lucky because his shop a success. He decided to save money and estimate during his tenure will be able to collect up to 1,000 yen.

During his Honda famous as the inventor. He held the patent more than 100 personal discovery. The first, the discovery is the technique of making the radius of the metal car. When was the cars in Japan using the fingers of flammable wood. Japanese companies soon exporting the metal fingers to India. At age 25 he obtained a 1000 yen profit a month.

Companies also appreciate the young people and are always recruiting young people to give "new blood" and fresh ideas. When Honda withdrew in 1973, he chose as a replacement is Kyoshi Kawashima, head of research firm Honda. During its history, the company had experienced strikes Honda only once in 1954. When the Honda and management on the one hand facing workers and
Honda's brother in the other Contracting Party. But as companies like in Japan it was resolved by consensus.

Since 1973 Honda moved into the market four-wheel vehicle to be able to continue expanding the number of corporate income. His staff is on the Honda increased 10% every year. If they grow older, it means the company will gain weight load. Though Honda face heavy competition in the domestic market and abroad. To be able to keep creating new market they should always look for unique and efficient technique and to sell products at competitive prices.

But when Honda and Fujisawa resigned in the fall of 1973, Honda said, "I can resign without feeling worried, because I believe the company will move forward with passion, overcoming various difficulties and flexible, without losing freshness."

"Frankly I feel young in terms of mental and physical," said Honda. "I think you guys can not win from me. But I must admit now I often feel envious of young people. I was told that the American public leader-old company's 40's and the company led by people aged 60 years-an often stagnant.

We now are entering a new era that requires new values. Although I and the deputy leader of the general feeling we were young, we thought our life was over for the lead. "

If I look back, I see that I made no other than a mistake, a series of failures and a series of regret, "said Honda. "But I am also proud for my success. Although I often make mistakes and failures, but it is never caused by the same thing. I never repeat the mistakes and I always tried as hard as possible to improve themselves. In that I succeeded.

"He still holds the largest stake in the company. When resigning in 1973 approached 1.7 billion dollars in income. Although retired omongannya still be heard. She says the future of Japanese industry is not determined by to fast, but by the quality of goods that we make and the effect on the interests of fellow human beings. If we make things that cause much pollution is likely that we will make money, but only briefly, after it went bankrupt.

We at Honda companies often joked: nice to have big companies that it works only think of big profits. As a result, small companies such as Honda had the opportunity to make things better.

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