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yamaha company history

I want to have a motorcycle factory "are words spoken by Genichi Kawakami (Yamaha Motor's first president) in 1953
Genichi Kawakami was the first child of Kaichi Kawakami, President of the third generation of music instrument and electronics company Nippon Gakki (now known as the Yamaha Corporation). Genichi Takachiho completing his studies at the Higher Commercial School in March 1934. In July 1937 he joined Nippon GAKI, thus he is a second generation family Kawakami to join the Nippon Gakki Company.
He quickly grabbed the position of manager of one of the subsidiaries involved in the field of instrumental music (Tenryu Factory), then he became a senior GM, and he managed to reach the fourth generation president in 1950 at a young age (38 years).


In 1953, Genichi explained, "when the company went well, and have a good financial condition, I feel the need to seek further areas of our business. Therefore I did some research. " He began trying to produce many products, including sewing machines, machinery spare parts, scooters, vehicle multifunctional tricycle, and motorcycle. Market and competitive factors is that eventually led him to focus on the motorcycle market.

When asked about this decision, he replied, "I asked the head of research division, and managers - other managers visit the factories - factories that are successful motorcycle across the country." They returned to say there's still plenty of opportunities, even if we are late in entering the market. " I do not want to have a poor preparation at the time of starting a business that I do not know well, so we visited the factory - a factory in Germany before it began making the first 125cc motorcycle us. We make as much research as possible to ensure that we are able to produce the best motorcycle motorcycle on the market. When we have confidence, we started working.
"When you try to create something, make the best possible." With the words - these words as their motto, product development teams to direct all his energies into the making of the first prototype and five months later in August 1954, the first model was completed. This is the Yamaha YA-1. Vehicle is equipped with water-cooled, 2-stroke, single cylinder 125cc engine. Once completed, this new vehicle is included in the 10.000 km endurance test to ensure that quality is the quality of top class motor. This is an early result from what has become a tradition of Yamaha's creativity and passion that never dry in the face of challenges.

Then, in January 1955, from Nippon GAKI Hamakita factory built and production began on the YA-1 product. With confidence, and a new vision, Yamaha Motor Co.., Ltd. was established on 1 July 1955. has 274 enthusiastic employees, the new motorcycle plant has a production capacity of approximately 200 units / month.

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