Sunday, April 3, 2011

Izh Hybrid Concept, Russia's Reincarnation The Legend Motors

Russia - Izh name was not popular when compared to the motor industry giants such as Yamaha, Honda or Ducati. But its history as one of the oldest motorcycle manufacturer in Russia deserve to be remembered.

That is why a designer named Igor Chak motor presents a concept motorcycle that idea went from Izh-1 output in 1929.

This bike engined 1200cc v-twin powered 23 hp with 3 speed. Izh-1 who inspire Izh Hybrid Concept made ​​Igor Chak.

In his imagination, Izh Hybrid Concept has a v-twin engine specifications of modern injection-powered 140 hp. Working closely with brushless electric motor 60 kW 2-speed fixed to the rear wheels.
20110201 IHZ 2 Izh Hybrid Concept concept, Reikarnasi The Legend Motors Russia

It is expected that this motor can produce an efficient gasoline consumption is about 1 liter: 34 kilometers. Wow, very economical for the size of a large-engined motorcycles.

Based on high safety standards, Izh Concept pinned dual airbags, radar systems, night vision sensors to side as a replacement mirror. Plus traction control, ABS stabilizer to the more modern.

While its features include 3D ​​LCD touchscreen that can be integrated with gadgets with the help of Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi. In addition there is a GPS with an internet connection 4G.

But the dream seemed too high to make this bike hard ditelurkan in tangible form yes? However, the power of imagination Igor high Chak be thumbs up.  

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