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Hummer 4WD is a major type of 4WD vehicle, first launched (in Civil Version) Direct the attention of big car lovers. Some countries categorize this car as a truck. Hammer is a civilian car that was adopted from the military vehicle (millitery Version) which is usually abbreviated with Hight Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vihicle or known by the often pronounced HMMWV Humvees. Hummer is known as one of the all-terrain vehicles or off-road version of the H1 (known as a true off-road car), while other versions such as H2 and H3 known as cars berkatagori Sport Utility Vicle or SUV, but this version has a third common types of color as a large off-road vehicles with fuel that wasteful.
The history of this type of car originated from military vehicles made by AM General Cooperation, which in the past known as the American Motor Division governments and civil militer.Versi actually have been designed since 1980 and was tested in the 1990s precisely in 1992 with the Hummer version M998 or better known as H1, with the London route leading to the baijing, whereas H2 and H3 version is launched next few years. whereas meliternya version has repeatedly diuju in Operation desert storm in iraq.

Hammer version of the Military
The difference between H1 with Humve (HMMWV), only very few, the most fundamental difference is the H1 is not armed and bulletproof steel plating, and interiors are designed for civilian versions, such as the design of more comfortable seats, trim attractive, and equipped sterio set Air Conditioning AC premises while the same chassis and suspension. H1 product unfortunately discontinued in 2006 by GM.
SUV, Hummer entered a new phase when the type or version was launched in 2003 H2, H2 itself has several versions of the SUV, SUT (Sport Utility Truck) and Hydrogen. This model looks more slender than the H1 and has a longer body and taller than its predecessor in 2005, this model was modified by using the truck with a version of the H2 SUT. in general this type is a combination of the famous design of the truck at that time in America, such as the use of GM GMT820 platform, the Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon. the front using a modified frame GM2500, the center is a new modification of the Hummer and the back is a modification of the GM 1500.
The advantage lies in the H2 version ketinggin body, protecting the bottom and has a maximum capacity in climbing. Body shape larger than a Hummer H1 truck generally stable.
Several years later, exactly in 2006 when GM discontinued production designing Hummer H1 H3 version is very much different from previous versions of H1 and H2, which has a smaller body and is designed like a car pickup and SUV, platform used to have resemblance with the GM345, GM355 cevloret coloradodan GMC canyon. of all models ever in the production of H3 model is the model most in demand by making a 74 percent sales of all types of cars Hummer.
In 2008 the car lovers are introduced to new products hummerdengan HV version while maintaining model SUV dankonsep this modek appear more slender and smaller than 3 previous versions. HV wear Sidi L 3.6 V6 engine and has a body that is very lightweight and slim and was designed solely for the light commercial vehicle off road on the field. With the structure and design of this particular make HV Version hammer into the car agile and resilient when passing through mud or snow.
The following is a characteristic of each version: 1. Hummar version 1

Manufacturer: AM General
Production year: 1992-2006
Machines used: Detroid 6.2L Diesel V8, 6.5L V8 Diesel Detroid, Vortac 5.7L V8, 6.5 L turbo diesel detroid V8, 6.6 L Diesel V8 Turbo Dmax.
The length of the car body: 4686 mm
Body Width: 2197 mm
High temperatures: 2007 mm 2. Version H2

Manufacturer: AM General
Production year: 2003 - present
Machines used: 6.0L 325 hp Hp/6.2L 393 V8 For 2008
The length of the car body: SUT -> 5171mm, SUV ---> 4820mm
Body Width: 2062 mm
High temperatures: 2021 mm, 2003-2005 ---> 1976mm 3. Version H3

Manufacturer: General Motors
Production year: 2005 - present
Machines used: L52 3.5L I5, 3.7L LLR I%, 5.3L V8
The length of the car body: 4743 mm
Body Width: 1897 mm
High temperatures: 2006 -2007 -> 1872 mm, 2008 - present 1857mm 4. Hummer HX

Manufacturer: Hummer
Parent: General Motor's
Product: 2008 - present

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