Sunday, April 3, 2011

Suzuki ( The History )

Michio Suzuki (name of person), are business owners who make the tools (equipment)to weave Silk ...This effort began in 1909an.
As we know, after World War 2 many, companiesis out of business because of the overall crisis.Likewise, the company is not immune from Suzuki's financial problems.Finally in 1952, Suzuki tried to make Bracket for outboard engineBicycles on a bike made Suzuki the first called Power Free(For a capacity of 36 cc), followed by Diamond Free (Capacity for 60cc).
And in 1954, Suzuki tried to make his first motorcycle90cc COLLEDA name. Not much can be done Suzuki at the time.Until the 1960's produces only slightly because of export demandnot much.
In 1967, Suzuki tried to make the T500 and exportedto America and Britain under the name Titan (USA) or Cobra (UK).Because the T500 is considered quite successful then further developed to becomeGT500 which continued in production until 1977.
Actually tahun1971, Suzuki makes GT750 (Water Buffalo) but was not successfulfor the Superbike world market at the time.Resumed in 1976, Suzuki made GS750 as an improvement ofGT750. GS750 is very quickly becoming popular (quite successfully).

Then followed a GS1000 in 1978.GS 1000 achieved remarkable success and very acceptable current market.His success there on the frame looks more sturdy than motorsanother time. GS 1000 GSX 1000 ditahun developed into 1980 andGSX 1100 Katana in 1982This is where Suzuki achieved great success because this model is known full power(Fast running), his style is modern, lightweight body and the price isvery competitive.
In 1986, Suzuki again make a breakthrough with the model andalanyaGSX-R750 and GSX-R 1100.Wow .. which is known as a super fast motorcycle at the time, because the modelThis is really mengadobsi real motor racing ...but the street was designated highway ... so ya .... kuenceng really running .....GSX-R750 continues to be produced until now ... (because good sale),But the GSX-R 1100 Suzuki suffered losses because of the sale,and stopped production.
Then in the 1990s, GSX-R 1100 is designed to try again, but stillless success.Then in 1999, Suzuki made a breakthrough with the umpteenth timeGSX-1300R produce that we know that Hayabusa nameas well as a street motorcycle (street bike) is the world's fastest ...because of the speed reached 310km/jam.

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